Boston Marathon, Holocaust Museum, Apr 09Team:  over 3,000 runners/walkers ages 1 to 88 in all 50 states and 22 countries.
Pray, fundraise and run/walk as a Team until we Cross the finish line that ends abortion.  Heb 12:1-2.
Keep the Faith, Respect Life from Conception to Natural Death, Run so as to Win.

Creed:  www.LIFErunners.org/creed.
Jersey:  “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5″
Cheer:  “All In Christ for Pro-Life!”
Roster:  www.LIFErunners.org/chapters.
Slogans:  God first – Life always – Teammates forever!, From start (conception) to natural finish!, We pray & run for Their Lives!, We run so others may crawl!, Protecting – healing – celebrating Life!, TEAM up to Speak up!
Race Series (info):  DC March for Life 5K, San Fran Walk for Life 5K, Midwest March for Life 5K, A-Cross America Relay, Mission for Life Half Marathon/5K, America’s First Pro-Life Half Marathon/5K, Fall national marathon.
Faith Journey:  The National LIFE Runners Team (logo description) is the world’s largest Pro-Life running/walking Team.  LIFE Runners apostolate was co-founded by running partners Dr. Pat Castle and Dr. Rich Reich in 2008 as the Pro-Life action arm of the LIFE Group Devotions (Pro-Life feeding arm) that they co-founded in 2007.  LIFE Runners gather as a team for one national race each year and for many local races throughout the year, raising prayers/awareness/funds…for Pro-Life!  National races: 2008 Chicago Marathon (13), 2009 Twin Cities Marathon (12), 2010 Sioux Falls half/full Marathon (17), 2011 Kansas City 1mi/5K/half/full Marathon/other (100), 2012 St. Louis 1mi/5K/half/full Marathon (252), 2013 Crazy Horse 1K/5K/half/full Marathon (200).  The day before racing the 2009 Boston Marathon, Pat Castle saw “REMEMBER” stamped on the sidewalk at the Holocaust Museum (photo on this page), which inspired the LIFE Runners jersey (“REMEMBER The Unborn Jer 1:5″).  Rich drafted the LIFE Runners Creed in Nov 2010 after praying in front of an abortion mill.  During the 2010 Sioux Falls half/full Marathon with 17 LIFE Runners, Rob Rysavy thought, “why not build a team of 100 LIFE Runners for 2011?”  Pat’s brother Steve Castle had the same big vision.  LIFE Group Devotions leaders Rob, Steve, Rich, and Pat joined together in prayer to develop the LIFE Runners Vision, Mission, Values.  Exceeded the 2011 goal (100 LIFE Runners, $25K raised) with 170 runners/walkers ages 6 to 72 from 20 states raising $35K (~100 LIFE Runners at 15 Oct Kansas City 1mi/5K/half/full Marathon).  In 2012, Dr. Jeff Pauls joined the leadership team.  Surpassed the 2012 Team goal (262 LIFE Runners, 30 states, $50K raised) with 491 runners/walkers ages 5 to 73 from 36 states (and Canada, Turkey, Singapore) raising $52K.  With 252 LIFE Runners at 21 Oct 2012 St. Louis 1mi/5K/half/full Marathon, LIFE Runners was the largest team at the race.  The inaugural (2013) Triple Crown began with the inaugural March for Life “Nellie Gray 5K” (26 Jan):  over 200 runners/walkers pre-registered, ages 5 to 75 from 30 states, 154 finishers, opening prayer by Fr. Frank Pavone, race started by March for Life president Jeanne Monahan (photos/articles).   The second leg of the 2013 Triple Crown was the inaugural A-Cross the Country Relay for Pro-Life! (13 Feb to 24 Mar):  over 500 LIFE Runners covered 2,026 miles of the 4,089 mile course between the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridges.  In the five months from finish of the 2012 St. Louis Marathon (21 Oct) to the finish of the 2013 A-Cross the Country Relay (24 Mar), the National LIFE Runners Team grew (1 Cor 3:6) from 491 to 1,234 runners/walkers (ages 5 to 76).  In July 2013, the LIFE Runners Board was expanded when Anne Carmichael, Paul Westendorf, Jeff Grabosky and Scott Casmer joined Dr. Pat Castle, Dr. Jeff Pauls, Rob Rysavy, Dr. Rich Reich.  Finished 2013 with over 1,800 runners, walkers, cheers – ages 2 to 80 – from 46 states and 11 countries who raised over $100,000 for local and national Pro-Life beneficiaries.  Dr. Tracy Glass joined LIFE Runners Board on 3 Feb 2014.  All In Christ for Pro-Life!
Adult LIFE Runners of the Year:  in memory of Joseph E. Castle (26 May 1943 – 26 Mar 2011), for exemplifying Leader, Provider, Protector – All In Christ for Pro-Life!  Recipients:  2011 Bishop Thomas Paprocki (IL), 2012 Paul Westendorf (SD), 2013 Ed Heigl (MO), 2013 Sara Beaner (SD).
Student LIFE Runners of the Year:  in memory of Jason Aaron “JP” Peters (19 May 2000 to 16 Feb 2013), for showing us how to live life to its fullest –  thank you for teaching us that “I’m good.”  Recipients:  2013 James Vignola (MO), 2013 Keelan Glass (TX).

Boston Marathon qualifying LIFE Runners:  
Bishop Paprocki (IL), Bill Pauls (MO), Kia Rector (SD), Jeff Pauls (IL), Jeff Grabosky (VA), Mike Rutten (SD), Diane O’Sullivan (MA), TD Dorrell (KS), Dr. Pat Castle (SD).  Others?