2016 A-Cross America Relay (Feb 10th to Mar 20th)

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Register to run/walk 5K legs anywhere and anytime from Feb 10th to Mar 20th.  Encourage friends, family, organizations to help fill the 1,588 legs (5,544 miles).  The mission is to get LIFE Runners “REMEMBER The Unborn Jer 1:5” jersey out in public to impact hearts/minds for saving lives.  All In Christ for Pro-Life!  FLYERFacebook Event.

COURSE:  Live Progress Map.  All four Arms of the Relay will kickoff on Feb 10th:  East Arm kickoff (1,598 miles) from the NYC Brooklyn Bridge, West Arm kickoff (1,975 miles) from San Fran Golden Gate Bridge, South Arm kickoff (1,086 miles) from Corpus Christi Bay TX, and North Arm kickoff (884 miles) from Canada border by Neche ND.  See past Relay photos/videos below.  The route goes by abortion facilities for prayer with 40 Days for Life groups.  All four Arms will unite for a Finish Line celebration on Palm Sunday at Macken Park in Kansas City, MO – cheers!

STEP 1 – SIGN UP TO BE A LIFE RUNNER: Only cost is to order “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5” jersey and only requirement is to wear it in public.  You will also receive Team Updates and Devotions.

STEP 2 – REGISTER FOR RELAY LEGS:  Multiple individuals can register for the same leg, although we want to cover as many legs as possible.  Each individual needs to register to count all participants.  When possible, start each leg at designated place/time – don’t wait for previous leg.  Relay batons are available (order) but not required.  Ensure registered legs are completed before Relay finish.  If you can’t make it to the course, register to do 5K legs remotely in your neighborhood.  If you can’t make the scheduled time, do 5K legs anytime between the start/finish of the Relay.  Turn a training run/walk into a remote Relay leg.  Be a Section Leader (see tips below).

STEP 3 – PRAY:  before training and racing, pray LIFE Runners Creed to end abortion.  Add and offer up prayers on the LIFE Runners Prayer Wall.

STEP 4 – FUNDRAISE:  The $25 Minimum Fundraising Amount (tax deductible) is the fee for an individual or a family to register for as many legs as you choose.  These funds support the LIFE Runners growing mission needs – listed at www.liferunners.org/fundraising.  If you raise/contribute at least $125, you will receive a very cool 2016 A-Cross America Relay shirt.  LIFE Runners are encouraged to raise/contribute $262 annually to help our life-saving Team grow (1 Cor 3:6).  Thank you!

STEP 5 – PHOTOS:  Add your Relay photos on social media with #AcrossAmericaRelay and email them to contact@liferunners.org for our Relay albums/videos.  Facebook event.      

BE A SECTION LEADER:  (1) Adopt a section of legs and invite friends, family, teammates to register for those legs.  (2) Work with other LIFE Runners chapter leaders to coordinate filling sections across your state.  (3) Organize a group to cover a hard-to-fill section on a Relay Pilgrimage.  (4) Contact churches, diocese Respect Life offices, Knights of Columbus councils, 40 Days for Life groups, Christian schools, Students for Life chapters, and other Pro-Life organizations to help run/walk Relay legs.  Flyer.

2015 RELAY (Feb 18 to Mar 29):  Press coverage.  The 2015 Relay added North and South Arms starting at Grand Forks ND and Corpus Christi TX – all four arms added up to 5,564 miles, and we covered 4,169 of them, many by way of remote participation.

2014 RELAY (Mar 5 to Apr 13):  Press coverage.  
* Photos: 
NYCANJ, PA, WV, MD, DCOH, UT, IN, IL, NE, MO (St. L), CO, MO, IA and SD.  
* Videos:  
CA Kickoff, Praying at Golden Gate BridgeNY KickoffBrooklyn Bridge,  NYC Creed, NYC ProtestersNYC News Footage (more), Pro Bikers for Life in NYCNJ sectionSt Cecilia Rally NJ, PA-MD-DC-WVOH – IN – ILBoise LR’s 100 miler in Utah, Utah2Colorado1, Colorado2, CO – Do Something, MissouriRelay Heads Home, CANJ, NY, IL/IN/OH.

2013 RELAY (13 Feb to 24 Mar):   Recap.  Press coverage.
* Videos:  RecapFinish line,  MOSDILMD/WV/OH/INUT/CONJ/PANYCA/NVfirst 2 weeksBadlandsMississippi RiverMid-MOKC1KC2.

RELAY INSPIRATION:  Jeff Grabosky ran A-Cross America from Jan to May 2011 to encourage prayer and Pro-Life:  Running With God Across America book.  LIFE Runners president Dr. Pat Castle met Jeff along that faith journey (daily bread story).