History of the Devotions

Vision:  Build and sustain a Culture of Life through all ages and stages.
Mission:  Defend Life from conception to natural death through prayer, awareness, and charity.
Values:  Prayer, Awareness, Charity.

LIFE Runners…strengthening, changing, saving hearts…All In Christ for Pro-Life!

FAITH JOURNEY:  The Living In Faith Exchange (LIFE) Runners apostolate seed was planted by the Holy Spirit during faith conversations between running partners Dr. Pat Castle and Dr. Rich Reich, while they were training in the mountains around Colorado Springs in preparation for the Pikes Peak Ascent and Air Force Marathon in 2006.  That seed grew into prayer/devotion time before work (1 Cor 3:6), while serving as chemistry professors at the Air Force Academy.  When Rich was transferred in 2007, their morning devotions continued over email.  In Dec 2007, Pat began sharing their morning devotion emails with family and friends.  In Jan 2008, with encouragement from Pat’s brother Steve, a blog was formed, and Pat took off sharing the LIFE Group Devotions with everyone he could reach.  Rich came up with the name, Living In Faith Exchange (LIFE) Group, which focuses on the Christian’s calling to live the faith and share it.  The name also points us to the greatest of causes, LIFE, to save unborn babies (and families).  In 2008, Pat and Rich co-founded the LIFE Runners half/full marathon team, feeding into and from the LIFE Group and focused on actively raising awareness/funds for Pro-Life.  Steve Castle joined as weekly author on 5 Aug 2009.  With Steve’s encouragement, on 22 Oct 2009 we began posting our devotions on Facebook.  On 30 Sep 2010, we started posting a guest author devotion on Thursdays, filling all five weekdays (now over 100 guest authors).  On 15 Nov 2010, the four leaders launched a website that includes Phil 4:13 in the name (lifegroup413.org). Became a non-profit corp in MO on 17 Aug 2011.  The first Advisory Board meeting was 16 Oct 2011.  Non-profit status paperwork submitted 14 Mar 2012.  What began as a faith conversation between Pat and Rich during several rugged mountain runs is now a Living in Faith Exchange between thousands of Christians…for Pro-Life!

PATRON SAINT of the LIFE Group:  St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.  St. Pio could certainly be the patron saint of the Unborn.  As a seminarian, the Blessed Virgin Mary entrusted to him the soul of an unborn girl whose father’s death he witnessed in the vision.  He is known to have interceded for many infertile married couples who conceived.  St. Pio is also tied to the National LIFE Runners Team because coach Pat had a mystical run with him the last 9 min and 51 sec of the 2006 Pikes Peak Ascent (photo/article).  Adopted by LIFE Group on his Feast Day (23 Sep 2011).   St. Pio, we ask your intercessory prayers for our mission to end abortion…for the Unborn, their mothers/fathers, and their extended family.