March for Life 5K run/walk (discontinued)

THIS RACE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED:  hope to see lots of LIFE Runners in their bold blue “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5” gear at the March for Life.  Order bold blue LIFE Runners gear here.  All In Christ for Pro-Life! 

March for Life 5K Run/Walk, Hains Point, East Potomac Park, DC.

march for lifeStep One:  Sign up for LIFE Runners and order “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5” LIFE Runners jersey.

Step Two:  REGISTER for March for Life 5K run/walk.

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Background:  Soon before March for Life foundress Nellie Gray passed away in 2012, she asked LIFE Runners co-founder Dr. Pat Castle to host the inaugural March for Life 5K.  The 2013 March for Life 5K was on 26 Jan at West Potomac Park with runners/walkers ages 5 to 75 from 30 states.  The 2013 race was co-directed by Jeff Grabosky and Jeff Pauls, including a blessing by Fr. Frank Pavone and comments by March for Life president Jeanne Monahan (photos/articles).  The Jan 2014 race was cancelled by the National Park Service because of snowstorm and rescheduled for 31 May 2014.  The Jan 2015 race was fantastic.  Read about Nellie Gray.

LifeSiteNews (28 Jan 2013):  LIFE Runners honor March for Life founder Nellie Gray with inaugural 5K run.