Higdon’s Training Guides:  5K, half/full Marathon.

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Injury Prevention Tips:
* Stretch after (not before) every run/walk.  A cold rubber-band (tendon) breaks, but a warm rubber-band (tendon) stretches!  Start workout with 2 min walk, slow jog 5 min, enter into your training pace, finish up with one min slow jog and 2 min walk, and then stretch/strengthen.  Remember to include the iliotibial band, hamstring, and achilles (tendons associated with many injuries).
* Increase your exercise volume/intensity no more than 10% per week.  Formal training schedules are built for proper progression.
* 2 day rule: don’t go more than 2 days without exercising.  Something is better than nothing.  Take at least one day off each week.
* Run/walk on dirt path or track (softer surface) at least one day per week. If you see a dirt path along the road, take the dirt! Consider cross-training one day per week.
* Learn about proper hydration/fueling (before/during/after) for better training.
* NOTE:  If you do mid-week speed work (repeat 400’s or 800’s), do a 2 min walk and 5 min slow jog followed by stretching before the intense speed work.

Group Run Tips:  To include all ages/abilities.
* Option 1:  First pray LIFE Runners Creed, 15 min out/back run at own pace to allow everyone to finish together in about 30 min, close with 10-15 min of group stretching and core strengthening for injury prevention and fellowship.
* Option 2:  First pray LIFE Runners Creed, slow team warm up for five minutes and then press into pace groups, after run stretch on your own at a determined spot allowing some to overlap for fellowship.
* Notes:  Schedule for early morning to avoid conflicts, extend out/back time as season progresses, some will run additional miles before/after, could have optional breakfast/lunch afterwards.  Meet at abortion mill for the opening group prayer….after the run/stretching, have an optional Rosary procession at the abortion mill (17 min).