1 John 3:1 (Knowing Him)

03 Jan 1 John 3:1 (Knowing Him)

Welcome God now with this LIFE Group Devotion (FB), provided byLIFE Runners (FB). Upcoming Guest Authors.

“See what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God. Yet so we are. The reason the world does not know us is because it did not know him.” 1 John 3:1 (full readings)

Rob’s Reflections: Some years ago I reached a point where I felt like I could no longer explain to people how abortion represents the rawest form of evil conceivable. God’s first and greatest gift to every human being is life. I have always felt the culture of death’s ability to justify destroying a fellow human being while that infant human lives in what should be the absolute safest place in its entire existence is an atrocity that makes all other atrocities in history pale in comparison. I reached a point where I simply could not articulate the inhumanity of it. My feeling was, “If I have to explain it to you, you won’t understand.” Then I realized the evil represented by the deliberate, malignant destruction of hundreds of millions of children is not the greatest atrocity we as humans have ever perpetrated. At one point in our history we did something worse: We killed God. And why did we kill Love Incarnate? Because we “did not know him.” And so abortion and all the other culture of death evils will continue for as long as our world does not know him.

Faith Challenge: Our challenge is not simply the changing of laws or the outlawing of abortion or the bankrupting of the abortion mill industry. Our challenge isn’t even simply creating a cultural shift. Our challenge is to do what we can to ensure the world knows Him. Be viral this week. Share the fact that God is important to you with at least two people and ask them to do the same. Help the world come to know Him.

Counter-Culture News: LSN, LifeNews, Priests for Life, AFA, Vatican, Project Rachel.

Our Prayers: Prayer to end abortion. LIFE Runners Creed & Patron Saint. Add Prayers. Pray with meals, bedtime, wake up, etc. Consider mid-week Family Rosary (17 min). Let’s pray now.

Feast Day: Most Holy Name of Jesus. If it is true, and it is, “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those in heaven and on the earth and under the earth” (Philippians 2:10) then it makes sense we should take one day of the year to specifically honor His Most Holy Name.

Faith Quote: “Remember this. When people choose to withdraw from a fire, the fire continues to give warmth, but they grow cold. When people choose to withdraw from light, the light continues to be bright in itself, but they are in darkness. This is also the case when people withdraw from God.” ~ Saint Augustine.

Through Christ Our Lord,

* Pray/Fast: Prayer connects us with God’s will & His miracles, changing us & helping others. Fast from things that take your eyes off Jesus. Those who pray together stay together, and close to God!
* Save Unborn (& family): Abortion reality (images)…#1 death cause (23% pregnancies).Prov 24:11 & Jer 1:5. “A great poverty that a child must die that you might live as you wish.” Mother Teresa
* Evangelize:Make room for unbelievers & re-evangelization of self, by way of prayer (relationship) and following Christ’s example of love (service/sacrifice/mercy). Matt 28:19.

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