Big Dates! baby saved story and more exciting updates…

12 Nov Big Dates! baby saved story and more exciting updates…



Team Retreatin Tulsa (Nov 23-24) includes FREE pre-race meal with speakers Julia Webb (Olympic trials) & Julie Wilkinson (Unplanned movie), plus music by Fox & Dove.
BIG DATES!  Africa Relay (Jul 1st) and Team Banquet (Feb 20th).
BABY SAVED story and more exciting updates below for our 13,708 teammates in 2,517 cities and 39 nations, All In Christ!  

Africa Relay and Climb for Pro-Life!  Limited to 10.  Details.  
* EWTN ACI-Africa (5 Nov 2019):  advancing abortion agenda in Africa.

LIFE Runners Banquet!  Feb 20th, Omaha NE.  Speaker is Archbishop Naumann who leads the USCCB Pro-Life committee.  Emcee is Jen Brown, co-host of Spirit Mornings.  Details and Tickets Here

Blind teammate Tina was hit by a semi truck while walking on Aug 22nd.  She is walking again! 

LIFE Runners of the Year Nominations!  Adults, Students, Family, Chapter.  Send nominations to (by Dec 1st ).  
Lots of new LIFE Runners gear for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers!  “Baby on Board” shirt – blue or pink.  Order
LIFE Runners in the News!  See all media.
* Ready to Stand Radio, NE (9/10 Nov 2019):  Emboldening Young People to Be Heroically Pro-Life.
* Columbia (Nov 2019):  Knight on the Run.
* Real Presence Radio, ND (6 Nov 2019):  LIFE Runners.
* EWTN ACI-Africa (5 Nov 2019):  advancing abortion agenda in Africa.
* Catholic Key, Kansas City, MO (25 Oct 2019):  St. Joseph Life Day.
* Faithwire (15 Oct 2019):  World’s Largest Pro-Life Team.
* Spirit Radio, Omaha NE (14 Oct 2019):  Baby Liam’s Law.
* KFAB, Omaha NE (3 Oct 2019):  World-Herald rejects obituary for aborted child.
* Catholic Voice, Omaha NE (3 Oct 2019):  Power of prayer at vigil for life.
1st Wednesday witness for St. Francis Xavier school LIFE Runners chapter in Taos, MO.  Cheers! 
Pray for the conversion of third-trimester abortionist Mr. Carhart. Angi Castle spoke to Carhart at his Bellevue NE abortion facility on his birthday.  She reminded him that it is not too late, all are called to conversion. Photo of Carhart and his wife celebrating birth-day at their abortion facility, how ironic. Sign says, “Even on my worst days I’m killing it.” May we be a living sign for all abortion workers, even on their worst days we will be God’s mercy and love for them.
*** Mr. Carhart has killed over 75,000 children, including 20,000 over 24 weeks. His name is on two of the last three major Supreme Court decisions regarding abortion. This battle is against the powers and principalities of evil striving to normalize abortion, the crown jewel of Satan. Pray at abortion facilities until abortion is unthinkable!
Bishop Paprocki, our national chaplain, will race his 25th marathon with us in Tulsa on Nov 24th.  He is raising funds for our ministry needs.  Listen to his message, cheers!  
Story of a mom and baby saved! Here are the extreme details from outside and inside Carhart’s abortion facility. The mom and dad went into abortion facility without initially accepting help from LIFE Runner Prissila Burgos, a sidewalk advocate. The staff charged mom upfront $1,050 for a 16 week baby abortion. After doing an ultrasound they told mom her baby was 17 weeks, and she needed to pay $100 more. The dad went across the street to the gas station ATM. Prissila met him there and discovered that he didn’t want the abortion. She encouraged him to help his wife choose life and offered to get the abortion cost refunded. While Prissila was asking for a pen to give the dad her contact info, two abortion facility escorts entered the gas station and told the attendant not to give Prissila a pen. The dad called the mom. The staff told mom not to answer the dad’s call. They told her not to listen to the dad or the “fanatics outside”. The staff tried to get mom to take pills that would “relax her and start contractions.” The mom went to the restroom to call the dad back. The dad said, “we know abortion isn’t the right answer, let’s accept help from this lady.” The mom walked out of the abortion facility and allowed sidewalk advocates to schedule an appointment with Assure Women’s Center. At the appointment, the mom shared that the abortion facility told her something was wrong with her baby based on the ultrasound. Assure showed her the ultrasound of her healthy baby, and the mom chose life! The abortion facility called the mom six times to encourage her to abort and to let her know they wouldn’t refund the $1,050. They even offered to do the abortion on Sunday.  On the Omaha LIFE Runners page we posted an invite to help reimburse the 17 week baby abortion cost and within three hours it was covered, the Mystical Body of Christ in action! We are working with the Thomas More Society regarding this potential consumer fraud (not refunding) and potential medical malpractice (stating something wrong with baby), not to mention it is against federal law to coerce someone into having an abortion.  Text from couple – “Thank you a lot for all you guys have done for us, I really don’t know if we could have lived with that decision. I didn’t really want to abort our baby. Thank you all!” At their second pregnancy help center meeting, LIFE Runners gave the couple $1,050 reimbursement for their 17 week pre-paid abortion. The rest of the donations will be used for a baby shower!
Peter Kahama, associate coordinator for LIFE Runners Africa, is in Nairobi Kenya attending the 25th International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) to make a stand for life against the abortion agenda sponsored by the World Health Organization. Please help Peter with the cost of this trip.  Africa has 505 LIFE Runners in eight nations, including Eritrea, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Uganda.
* EWTN ACI-Africa (5 Nov 2019):  advancing abortion agenda in Africa.
See over 2,000 devotions by LIFE Runners.  Listen to devotions as a Pro-Life Minute.   Prayer Wall.

SEE TEAM SUPPORTERS – All In Christ for Pro-Life!

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