2009 LIFE Runners Team (4 wks to go!)

02 Sep 2009 LIFE Runners Team (4 wks to go!)

TC Marathon for ProLife: 4 Oct (Respect Life Sunday)
* Team mission: God first, Defend the unborn (ProLife), Encouragement, Health
* Teammates: Dave, Jason, Doug, Rich, John, Jim, Steve, Pat, Tammy, Brenda/ Aaron/ Trevor
Hi, LIFE Runners –

We will line up in just a little over one month!

UPDATES: Please go to marathon-for-life.blogspot.com and post an update on your training, faith, and marathon arrival/departure info.
* My sore foot (plantar fasciitis) is improving, thanks to a night splint. I had a great 20 mile run this past weekend (cool weather). I still plan to use the Sioux Falls 1/2 marathon (13 Sep) as a training run with Aaron, Jason, and Steve. I ordered more ProLife wristbands…will bring extra to the TC Marathon.
* Rich: Thanks for mailing out the LIFE Runners jerseys…turned out great…thank you!
* Doug: Had a good 18 miler this past weekend.
* Jason: Did 18 miles this past weekend…his longest ever!
* Dave: Finished a full Ironman this past weekend…wow!
* Steve: Ended up in the emergency room during his long run in the Black Hills a couple weeks ago…I’ll let him tell the incredible story filled with faith…and Murphy’s Law.
* Clydesdales (Steve, Doug, Jason): How is the Clydesdale weight loss competition going? Time to send out your weigh in, lbs lost, and % lost stats.

TRANSPORTATION: My flight arrives at 2:20 PM, 2 Oct and departs at 5:10 PM, 4 Oct. Steve will pick up Rich, Dave and me. Info for others?

LODGING: Best Western Normandy (800-372-3131, “LIFE Runners Block” for $94)
* Rich/Doug: Best Western, Fri-Sun, booked
* Dave/Pat: Best Western, Fri-Sun, booked
* Steve/Tina: Best Western, Fri-Sun, BOOKED?
* Jason/Deanna: Best Western, Fri-Mon, booked
* Aaron/Brenda: Holiday Inn, Fri-Sun, booked
* Jim: staying with his daughter
* John/Chris: Best Western, Fri-Sun, BOOKED?

PROLIFE FUND RAISER: Angi and me are going to make a donation to Rich’s charity (new ultrasound machine for a Woman’s Answer Medical Center). Worthy Grand Knight Rich and his Knights of Columbus council are working on raising funds for this. Anyone else want to help save babies (and protect mothers) by raising $ for this ultrasound machine? If yes, let’s ask friends and family to sponsor us $/mile for the ultrasound machine.
* NEW: Angi and me will each sponsor Rich for $1 per mile ($52.40). I am running the marathon with Rich…trust by verify…ha!

Run for ProLife!
Phil 4:13


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