2010 LIFE Runners (2 wks to go!): taper body, ramp up soul‏

29 Aug 2010 LIFE Runners (2 wks to go!): taper body, ramp up soul‏

SIOUX FALLS Half/Full MARATHON for ProLife (Sun, 12 Sep)
* Mission: God first, Protect the Unborn (& parents), Encourage, Health
* Team (18): Jason/Deanna Peters, Rich/Erica Reich, Pat/Angi Castle, Aaron/Brenda Ferrie, Becky Loving Gregory, Rob Rysavy, Scott Casmer, John Shannon, Deborah Bertsch, Ardis Moeller, Dale Sundermann, Mandi Poss, Mark/Kia Rector
* Marathons for ProLife FB page, Alpha Center (crisis pregnancy bus), LIFE Group Devotions (FB)
LIFE Runners Team,

Only 2 wks to go…taper the body and ramp up the soul in preparation for our race day defense of the Unborn! See Race Prep tips below.

SPONSORS LIST (110): Let’s lift up prayers of thanksgiving for our sponsors! Anonymous, Marsha Adams, Tom/Vanessa Albrecht, Grant/Brenda Alvine, Dave/Rose Beizer, Travis/Rachel Bellinghausen, Dave/Sue Bengford, Brian/Deborah Bertsch, Don/Sandra Bird, Mark/Lynn Bishara, Susie Blanchet, Karla Brien, Sharon Brockel, Mike/Amy Carey, Matt/Jenny Carroll, Scott/Susan Casmer, Joe Castle Jr, Joe/Kathy Castle, Pat/Angi/Paige/Grace Castle, Steve/Tina Castle, Denise Chomicki/Andy Gleeson, Darlene Cogley, Alex/Mandra Connolly, Helene Couchon, Paul/Mariah Craycroft, Liz Curry, John/Charissa Dickmeyer, Mike Dunlap, Aaron/Brenda Ferrie, Erica Ford, Heather Fortin, Mark Foster, Ron/Julie Furstenau, Chris/Becky Gregory, Jeff/Anne Gross, Emily Gulbrandson, Shane Hall, Charlie/Sharon Hansens, Doug/Megan Hansens, Julie Hanson, Bob/Heather Hayes, Cathy Hieb, Dana Hlebichuk, Carla Hofer, Bill/Pam Hourigan, Christy Feldhaus Hubka, Brad/Colleen Hubler, Tracy Humphreys, Craig/Colleen Johnson, Shelli Kahler, Sheri Kahnke, Gary/Deb Kayser, Tim/Kristen Kelly, Stephanie Kemp, Jay/Shannon Ketchum, Tiffany Kortan, Shelly Leither, Joe Levisky, Doug/Julie Lindner, Phil/Lisa Loving, Rita Loving, Rick/Amy Lynch, Pat/Renee Mcgill, Pat/Pam McGushin, Carolyn McKissack, Shirley Michalak, Steve/Ardis Moeller, Jim Moon, Mike Moon, Hans/Sally Mueh, Lorena Myers, Jim/Janette Nelson, Mike/Deb Nelson, Carol Nesbitt, Dave Nitzschke, Tom/Jean Noon, Dale/Julie Norton, Sue Pence, Bill/Sue Peters, Jason/Deanna Peters, Jaci Quenzer, Rich/Erica Reich, Lisa Riess, Miles/Roxan Patton, Rob/Michelle Rysavy, David/Kelly Schroeder, Jessie Shannon, John/Chris Shannon, Lauren/Allie Shannon,Ivan/Jamie Simpson, Stephanie Spader, Duane Spader, Fr. Jonathan St.Andre, Craig/Jane Stanley, Dale/Michelle Sundermann, Dawn Heller Telford, Mandy Tentinger, Chuck Tsay, Allen/Leslee Unruh, Mark/Kia Rector, Craig/Emily Vosse, Pam Vossen, Tenia Wagner, Daniel/Joanna Webster, Bob/Jean/Julie Weiss, Tracy Woodland, Mike/Petra Worley, Tienyu Wu, Doug Young, Nicholas Zeisler.

SPONSORS GOAL: Each teammate donates to the Alpha Center and raises at least $200 (or 5 sponsors). Over the past 16 wks we have raised many miles, prayers and funds…to help protect the Unborn (and parents). As of 27 Aug, the Alpha Center (crisis pregnancy bus) has received 56 donations ($4,486) for LIFE Runners…and I know of at least $1,000 of committed donations that have not yet arrived. One sponsor wrote, “No need for recognition, just knowing we helped save a baby is all we need!” Consider sending individual emails to your friends/family with the sponsor info below…give them an opportunity to be part of this life saving effort. Send me your sponsors names, so I can add them to the Sponsors List (below) for prayers of thanksgiving. [Feel free to also invite your friends/family/sponsors to receive the LIFE Group Devotions (FB)…fwd an example.] Let’s press on with fundraising until the start of the race! “I press on towards the goal…” Phil 3:14

SPONSORS INFO: “As part of the LIFE Runners Team, I am racing the Sioux Falls Half/Full Marathon (12 Sep)…for ProLife ministry and to raise funds for the Sioux Falls Alpha Center crisis pregnancy bus. The bus reaches those who need free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and the Good News…saves lives! (80% of Mothers who see their Unborn baby with an ultrasound…don’t abort.) I already made a donation. Would you like to be part of this life saving effort? Sponsors List and team info at Marathons for ProLife blogsite (FB page). To be a sponsor, go to Alpha Center (tax deductible) and click “donate” (annotate “LIFE Runners”). Please let me know if you donate because I would like to add your name (not $) to our Sponsors List (for thanksgiving prayers). Your prayers are needed/appreciated. Thank you for considering! Blessings for your sacrifices to protect the Unborn (& parents). Jer 1:5

RACE PREP: Be sure to closely follow your training schedule for a proper taper. Running extra miles at this point will likely hurt your race. When tapering, you decrease miles but maintain your typical pace (mental/physical reasons). If possible, do not start up any new physical fitness activity before the race. Mentally, be at peace with whatever you were able to accomplish with your training. Figure out an appropriate race pace based on your training pace. For first time marathoners, pace the race as a 20 mile training run (run easy), followed by a 10K race (push it)…or 10 mile training run followed by a 5K race for half marathon. At the start, stride it out for 2 min and then back off until you get your first mile time (adjust to planned race pace). Mentally, break up the race in pieces (5K, 10K, half, 17, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26.2). I would be happy to help you figure out a smart race pace/plan. Your marathon time is impacted by many variables: training (respect the taper), illness (extra Vit C), stress (don’t sweat the small stuff), sleep (2 nights prior most important), weather (Serenity Prayer), food/hydration before race (breakfast/protein bar 2 hrs prior, gu pack 15 min prior), food/hydration during race (gu pack every 45 min, hydration plan based on training), potty stops (prerace meal, bring TP), mental (training gives confidence), and Spiritual (prayer gives perspective). A proper taper and smart race plan will ensure you have an outstanding marathon experience. You are going to enjoy most of the miles and endure a few of them…when the running gets tough, “REMEMBER The Unborn”!

ACTIVITIES (11 Sep): O’G Tour (8 AM), Alpha Center Tour (9 AM), Packet Pickup (10 AM), St. Theresa Mass (4 PM, invite family/friends), Prerace Meal (5:30 PM, team photo).

Let’s stay focused with our prayerful running and sacrificial fundraising…for the Unborn (and parents)!

Running for ProLife,
Coach Pat
Phil 4:13
LIFE Group Devotions (FB)


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