2010 LIFE Runners Team (13 wks to go)

16 Jun 2010 LIFE Runners Team (13 wks to go)

Sioux Falls Half/Full Marathon…for ProLife (Sun, 12 Sep)
* Mission: God first, Defend the Unborn, Encouragement, Health
* Full: Jason Peters, Rich Reich, Doug Young, Pat Castle, John Shannon, Rob Rysavy, Becky Gregory
* Half: Deanna Peters, Aaron/Brenda Ferrie, Angi Castle, Pam McGushin, Jolene Stillings, Erica Reich, Scott Casmer
Hi, LIFE Runners –

I had a hot, humid and heavy 14 mile run this past weekend…great praying/training weather! With higher humidity, the air holds less oxygen…which is like training at altitude (heavier load).

* LOGISTICS: Let me know if you would like to join any of the following activities on Sat, 11 Sep: morning tour of Sioux Falls, my grandfather’s 90th birthday lunch at the Royal Fork, 4 PM Mass at St. Theresa, pre-race pasta dinner at Peters. We need to start thinking about registering: Sioux Falls Marathon. We also need to start getting everyone lined up with lodging.

* JERSEY: I have ordering info.

* TEAM SITES: Facebook Marathons for ProLife page and Sioux Falls Marathon for ProLife blogsite (resources)

* OTHER RACES?: Dash & Splask 5K (Angi/Pat, Collinsville IL, 10 Jul), Lewis & Clark Marathon (Angi, St. Charles MO, 3 Oct)

* PRO-LIFE FUNDRAISER: Ask your friends/family to sponsor you for $/mile to raise funds for the Sioux Falls Alpha Center (Fleet for Little Feet Bus)…info below. Rich and I will present a gift to the LIFE Runner who raises the most.

To honor the “Spirit” of the marathon, let’s all train hard and defend the Unborn (prayer, jersey, fundraising)!

Running His Race, Pat
Jer 1:5


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