2010 LIFE Runners Team (~7 wks to go!)

22 Jul 2010 LIFE Runners Team (~7 wks to go!)

SIOUX FALLS MARATHON for ProLife (Sun, 12 Sep 2010)
* Team mission: God first, Protect the Unborn (& parents), Encouragement, Health
* Full (4): Jason Peters, Rich Reich, Pat Castle, Rob Rysavy
* Half (8): Deanna Peters, Brenda Ferrie, Angi Castle, Erica Reich, Scott Casmer, Becky Gregory, John Shannon, Deborah Bertsch
* Key Team Support: Sue Peters (meal/lodging/fundraising), Carol Nesbitt (O’G Re-U-Knighter), Kimberly Martinez (Alpha Center director), Leslee Unruh (Alpha Center founder), Sponsors
LIFE Runners –

Our 2010 team is now at 12 runners…the same size as the Apostle’s Team! Over the next month, we are in the toughest part of the marathon training (hot/humid weather, longest runs). The attached picture was taken after the 2009 Sioux Falls Half Marathon.
PRAYER: Runners run, and Christians pray…LIFE Runners do both! We are all pounding out the miles together in Spirit. Especially during our long weekend runs, let’s unite our sacrifices as prayers for the freedom of the Unborn (and their parents), for our teammates, for our key team support, and for our sponsors.
FUNDRAISING: Ask others to sponsor you $/mile in support of the Sioux Falls Alpha Center crisis pregnancy bus. The bus reaches women for free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and the Good News…saves lives!
* For encouragement, Angi/I gladly sponsored all of our teammates, each for $1/mile. Go to Alpha Center and click on “donate.” When you get to PayPal “review your donation” screen, click on “comments” (left of total) and write “LIFE Runners.”
* To promote our ministry/fundraising efforts, Sue Peters contacted KSFY & KELO TV, O’G Re-U-Knighter & Knight Scroll, and the Bishops Bulletin. I will write an article for Sue to share.

ACTIVITIES (Sat, 11 Sep):
* Tour of O’G High School (8 AM): Carol Nesbitt
* Tour of Alpha Crisis Pregnancy Center (9 AM): Kimberly Martinez
* Tour of Race Course (10 AM): Start at Howard Wood Field, get packets at Scheels.
* Mass at St. Theresa (4 PM): Bring extended family and friends to worship with us!

* Prerace Meal (5:30 PM, Peters home): Coaching, prayer, music, team photo with banner. Spouses and children included.

To honor the Spirit of this marathon (for ProLife), let’s stay focused with our prayerful running and sacrificial fundraising…in defense of the Unborn!

Running for ProLife, Pat
Phil 4:13
Runners run, and Christians pray…LIFE Runners do both!

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