2011 LIFE Runners (New Year’s prep!)

05 Dec 2011 LIFE Runners (New Year’s prep!)

Kansas City Half/Full Marathon for ProLife (15 Oct)
* Our Calling:  LIFE Runners are LIFE Group Devotions members who pray, raise funds, and run…for ProLife!
* Core Values:  Keep the Faith, Respect Life from Conception to Natural Death, Run so as to Win.  LIFE Runners Creed.
LIFE Runners website (FB), LIFE Group Devotions website (FB)

2011 LIFE Runners Team:  Welcome to our new teammates!  We already have 62 LIFE Runners for the Kansas City half/full Marathon (15 Oct), including 7 kid LIFE Runners for the 1.2 mile and 5K races.  Others?  If everyone courageously recruits just one more LIFE Runner, we will make our goal of 100 runners!  This is a great recruiting time with New Year’s resolutions.

LIFE Runners NEWS:  Alpha Center Fall Newsletter and TrueManhood Post (4 Dec).
LIFE Runners website:  links for About, Representing, Sponsors, References, Archive.

GEAR:  We will do a team jerseys and running jackets order this summer.  To see our running jacket, go to this link and type in JST 90 (royal blue).  Our logo will be printed over the heart.  On the back, “REMEMBER The Unborn Jer 1:5” (like jersey)…below that we will list our races:  2008 Chicago Marathon, 2009 Twin Cities Marathon, 2010 Sioux Falls half/full Marathon, 2011 Kansas City half/full Marathon, 2012 St. Louis half/full Marathon.
2011 GOAL:  Build a miracle team of 100 LIFE Runners to raise $25K ($250 per runner) for the Alpha Center crisis pregnancy bus (free ultrasounds)…saving babies and families!  Mothers (87%) who see their Unborn baby ultrasound will not abort.  For 2010, we raised over $7K for the Alpha Center bus with 17 LIFE Runners and over 100 generous sponsors.

INVITE:  We need to invite our ProLife family/friends now for their planning.  When inviting, explain that LIFE Runners are members of the LIFE Group Devotions faith community who pray, run, and raise funds for ProLife!  Tell them about our anointed Sioux Falls half/full Marathon race weekend (2010 LIFE Runners photo album).  Let them know that the Kansas City course is described as “fast” and “scenic.”  Race weekend includes Fri prerace pasta dinner with speakers, Sat 4 PM Mass, Sat night pizza party, and Sun amusement park.

TRAINING:  Kansas City Marathon training schedules begin 13 June for the full and 25 July for the half. At the start of these training schedules you should be able to comfortably run 3 miles.  For maintenance in your off season, consider running at least 3 miles for 3 days of the week with one longer run on the weekend.  For injury prevention and improvement, do stretching and core training after every run.  To keep things interesting, plan a 5K or 10K every 3 months.  God luck with your upcoming races…represent the LIFE Runners by wearing your LIFE Runners jersey and ProLife wristband to give voice to the Unborn…saving babies (and parents)!

Let’s continue to run/pray hard that we soon cross the finish line for the end of abortion.  As my brother Steve said to me at mile 19 of the 2010 Sioux Falls Marathon, “stay strong, stay vigilant”!

Godspeed, Pat Castle
Jer 1:5
Runners run. Christians Pray. LIFE Runners (FB) do both!

* Abortion reality (images): #1 death cause (23% pregnancies). Prov 24:11 & Jer 1:5.  “A great poverty that a child must die that you might live as you wish.” ~ Blessed Mother Teresa
* “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” ~ Ikangaa
* “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary.” ~ Isaiah 40:31

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