2017 Overseas Mission Work

19 Feb 2017 Overseas Mission Work

In 2017 a small group of LIFE Runners from Fiji set out on two short term mission trips to expand LIFE Runners to neighboring Islands Vanuatu and Tonga.

In Vanuatu they were able to spend 4 days with two churches.  They were able to hold workshops and bring tools to help the people address subjects such as abortion and purity in the hopes of raising awareness and protecting their vulnerable women from these dangerous abortions happening across the South Pacific.  In the South Pacific the subjects of abortion and sex are extremely taboo so it is important that we are speaking truth into the issues.  Meanwhile groups like Planned Parenthood have already infiltrated these nations sexual education with their worldly view and a quiet push for birth control in the name of women rights.  If the churches do not rise up and start leading their youth in truth about abortion and premarital sex they will continue to watch their women struggle.  We hope to continue training and encouraging them to be the voice of truth in their Nations.

A team of two LIFE Runners set out to make contacts in Tonga later in the year and God opened doors for the vision of the ministry on the shores of Tonga. They were able to plant seeds but they need to get back to follow upwith more hands on teaching clinics as were done in Vanuatu.  Both Vanuatu and Tonga Chapters have requested a follow up from the mission teams but without the funds to do so they will have to wait. It is the mission teams desire to return to their island neighbors with help and training as these new chapters grow.

Fiji LIFE Runners have financial limitations in their developing country, so these mission trips require funding! Only through generous donations is it possible to send teams on mission so they can bring LIFE Runners t-shirts, purity pamphlets, fetal development pamphlets/fetal models, and teaching tools to empower the people of these developing nations to defend life. In third world countries there is much work to be done to empower women and protect them from abortion. There is also great need to bring healing and deliverance for those who have had abortions.

Our communications officer, Karen Patnaude, was invited to speak at churches, youth groups, women’s cell groups, and a conference in the South Pacific during 2017 to address abortion and purity. These are topics which are not being talked about.  This brought about the opportunity to spread the LIFE Runners message to communities that are desperate to protect their women but don’t have to tools to do so. The LIFE Runners t-shirt ministry is a powerful one that crosses all borders and breaks down all barriers! Karen is also leading small groups through DVD courses.  One on purity “Purity is Possible” by Pam Stenzel, and one on abortion “Making Abortion Unthinkable-The Art of Pro-Life Persuasion” by STR, and also introducing Sidewalk Advocacy for Life basic curriculum in her community and on mission trips in the South Pacific.

Karen and her family were even able to meet up with the Singapore LIFE Runners for a short visit during a family vacation.  They were able to answer questions and give some general guidance and plan to return to Singapore to spend time sharing the vision of LIFE Runners with more of the team! High-five!

As Christians and LIFE Runners we are called to go out into the world, for some of us that is our back yard, while others will travel to countries far from home.  Please consider making a donation to LIFE Runners to keep programs like this one moving forward! All In Christ for Pro-Life!

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