6 yr-old LIFE Runner Sets World Record

24 Oct 6 yr-old LIFE Runner Sets World Record

WORLD RECORD half marathon by 6 y/o LR Keelan Glass! – LifeSiteNewsDallas Morning NewsAbilene KTXSMSN/Fox SportsThe BlazeRunner’s WorldGood Morning AmericaCNNEnglandLive Action, Today, and many more (20-25 Oct 2013).
* Photo Credits:  Glass family, friends and fans.


Keelan Glass first caught our attention when she won the 15K at the Fort Worth Texas Labor Day Run.  Wow!

536212_1414496645436551_1814486818_n Most had to read the Facebook post twice.  Someone so young, so small, to run much less win???  Had it been done before?  That was just the start of something much bigger because Keelan and her mom, Tracy, were planning to join the National LIFE Runners Team at Crazy Horse in South Dakota and run the Half Marathon: www.LIFErunners.org/crazyhorse.

This was posted on the LIFE Runners Facebook page on Sept 13:  “Keelan Glass (age 6, Abilene TX chapter) will race the Crazy Horse half Marathon on Oct 6…”to be a voice for the unborn!” She is raising funds for our national beneficiaries and her local pregnancy resource center.” 1238052_239952996153339_1157254571_n The media was very curious as were all of us.  So the local television station KTXS broke the story and soon national ABC World News Now. 1229828_244773095671329_487407226_n Here’s the awesome segment from KTXS.  It highlighted so many great things about Keelan, her family and the LIFE Runners too.   Keelan raised $3,000 for the Pregnancy Resources of Abilene.  Here’s her fundraising page.  Way to go Keelan!  That by itself is newsworthy. 600829_10151663558070811_832943757_n9
As the time approached to set off on their journey to the Crazy Horse Half Marathon and meet up with their teammates, Tracy posted this on her Facebook page:  “About to start our next adventure. Pray for our travels as a big winter weather storm will greet us in South Dakota. Pray for our witnessing abilities as we remember the unborn. Pray for Keelan as she embarks on a pretty big undertaking. Very excited!” 1382804_10151667106830811_1924788263_n The Glass family drove from Abilene, Texas all the way to Chadron, Nebraska (900 miles) just south of their destination and met up with “Atlas”, perhaps the worst winter storm to ever hit South Dakota.  The Black Hills area of SD, where the team was meeting, had up to 43 inches of snow.   Only about 50 of the expected 200 teammates made it.  The rest had to turn back or had flights canceled.  A bus carrying part of the team from Missouri made it to Ellsworth Air Force Base near the Black Hills.  A lot of the area lost power and the storm had a devastating impact on the livestock in the area because of the gusting 70 mph blowing wind and snow.  This was the view from family’s vehicle in Nebraska. 1374804_10151669317235811_450846838_n Then later their hotel which is as far as they could go before roads were closed.  Tracy commented on a post about the blizzard on the National LIFE Runners Team Facebook page on Oct 5th:  “We will wear our shirts tomorrow and be praying for the group. We’re still stuck in Chadron but roads in town are cleared and we have some electricity. So sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet everyone. Was truly looking forward to that.” 533919_10151669362265811_198043087_n It was a sad ending to their journey…or was it?  This from Tracy’s Facebook page on Oct 5th:  “What do you do when you’re stuck in town? We went snowboarding in the hotel parking lot, had snowball fights, helped dig other people’s cars out, went to WalMart, played UNO, had dinner at local steakhouse, played some rounds of pool, made crazy snowmen, and now ending our night with a movie in the old movie house. It’s not 13.1 miles but it’ll do!” 1381302_10151670688675811_1344983393_n 7908_10151671104290811_1256880091_n Nothing gets this family down.  They are forever seeing the good through the bad.  Pushing through it as LIFE Runners do.  So they left Nebraska and as all of the LIFE Runners silently committed to do, they ran a different half marathon.  Some ran this past weekend in Mankato, MN, then there were others who ran in Kansas City, some will run this weekend in St. Louis, etc.  Keelan and her Mom ran in the  Showdown Half Marathon in Fairview, TX on Oct 12th.  This is them at 9.2 miles. 558922_10202350415381560_1071231453_n
Then mile 11…

Then mile 12.  Tracy said they took pictures of her next to every mile marker that was further than she had run before.

Then came the final mile…

The announcer for the race even wanted her autograph.

1395793_10151682537120811_1145410973_n (1)
Tracy said she would cherish this picture forever.  The first Half Marathon she ran with her daughter.
Keelan is a superstar but she doesn’t know it or even cares about that.  She just wanted to run for babies just like her Mom.  They are LIFE Runners! 1383818_249666798515292_265314211_n
Well earned Keelan!
Since Keelan finished her half marathon and set a world record, their phones have not stopped ringing.  The national news coverage has been phenomenal:   MSN/Fox SportsThe BlazeRunner’s WorldGood Morning AmericaCNN, Dallas Morning NewsAbilene KTXS, and many more.  LIFE Runners were even contacted by the Today Show inquiring about contact information for the Glass family.  A new LIFE Runner signed up referencing the story.  From LIFE Runners Facebook page:  “Welcome to new LIFE Runner Yanik Fenton-Espinosa (#1713) from Coral Gables, FL! How did you discover? “Article about 6 yr old who completed 1/2 marathon…she was wearing a www.liferunners.org t-shirt and had run on behalf of a pregnancy resource center.” All In Christ!”

So here stands little Keelan at the staring line amongst all those other runners.  Just like her Mom, she ran a half marathon to save babies…and set a world record.  She’s a LIFE Runner just like us.  All In Christ for Pro-Life! 

Not a LIFE Runner yet?  Hope you join us!  The National LIFE Runners Team prays their Creed to end abortion, wears LIFE Runners jersey to raise awareness, and raises funds for pregnancy resource centers…to save lives.  Each LIFE Runner’s jersey carries the message “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5”.  LIFE Runners have 63 chapters and over 1700 runners/walkers, ages 4 to 79, in 45 states and 10 other countries.  To be a LIFE Runner – sign up on website, order your jersey, and wear it in public to help change hearts/minds for saving lives…high five!  www.liferunners.org

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us persevere in running the race set before us…with our eyes fixed on Jesus.”  ~ Heb 12:1-2

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