A Nation Rises – LIFE Runners March for Life Itinerary

13 Jan A Nation Rises – LIFE Runners March for Life Itinerary

LIFE Runners…on your marks!  The countdown to the world’s largest pro-life gathering has begun.

Here are some important things you need:photo (1)

1.  If you have a smart phone, you’ll want to download the LIFE Runners “2015 March for Life 5K Run/Walk” page of the website to your Home Screen.  This has everything you need while at the DC MFL. Click here to learn how to download web page to smart phone Home Screen.

2.  If you haven’t registered for the historic MFL 5K Run/Walk, it’s time to do so.  Click here.

3.  What would a race be with out a flyer?  So here’s our awesome LIFE Runners flyer with important race stuff and the very cool MapMyRun link of the 5K Course as well as the Google map link that shows all of the key places for activities. 

4.  Get the LIFE Runners official MFL Itinerary and Important Info.  You need this to know where we’ll be and what to look for to find us.  If you don’t know if yet, when at the March or the 5K, look for our mammoth size, big blue banner…

5.  Finally, here is the link to all things March for Life on the MFL website.

If you aren’t able to join us at the March for Life in person, run with us in spirit.  You can catch the coverage live – as it happens on EWTN.

MFL Coverage

Then when you see that “Big Blue Banner” comin’ at ya’…post about it on our Facebook page and share it on yours.  Create some buzz about our team and the largest pro-life gathering in the world.  See if you can capture a “Rock Star” pic of it like the ones here.


What to pack??

Your warmest – heaviest LIFE Runner gear.  It typically is one of the coldest days of the year.  Be prepared.  Check out last years temps…


By the way…bring large enough jerseys to wear on the outside of your coat.  Pro-life hero Congressman Chris Smith even got in on some LIFE Runner action last year at the March.


Need any more inspiration…click here to see coverage from last years LIFE Runners March for Life activities, video, photos, the works.

This is it!  Email us at contact@liferunners.org and let us know if you’re breaking out of the dark days of January like we are, and going to the largest pro-life event in the world, the March for Life.

A Nation Rises – watch it here, then be there!

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March For Life 2014


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