Pro-Life Action! Pensacola, International, Chapters

25 May Pro-Life Action! Pensacola, International, Chapters

LIFE Runners in action, let’s get going and keep going, All In Christ for Pro-Life!
101 Chapters around the world:  Chapters are planning monthly activities for the summer:  local 5K races, praying at abortion facilities, half/full marathon training, picnics, service projects, and more.  Gear up to stand up and be living billboards for Life!  Activity ideas at  You can form a chapter with just 5 local LIFE Runners – details at
National Race:  Registration is open for the Pensacola Half/Full Marathon & 5K (Nov 12th).  These weekends are a powerful team building time with treasured memories!  Join LIFE Runners teammates from around the world.  For more information please visit
International Outreach:  From Karen Patnaude, “Fiji LIFE Runners did a mission trip to Vanuatu islands to help set up their LIFE Runners chapter and provide education on how to defend life.  There is a higher rate of abortion in 3rd world and developing countries than in first world countries. Planned Parenthood and abortion supporters use this higher instance of abortion to push their agenda for legalized abortion.  These countries need compassionate help and education.  We need more LIFE Runners in the communities reaching out as advocates for Life.  The unborn baby, regardless of how conceived, is not sin and is precious to God. The crisis is rarely the pregnancy and more often the circumstances. LIFE Runners can take time to help the mother find solutions to her crisis, a place to live, a job, or just someone to support her emotionally. This six day mission trip to Vanuatu was an opportunity to remind our brothers and sisters in Christ that we need to be careful that we are not causing women to abort by shaming them in the church or rejecting them. We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus and Jesus would not reject these women, He would embrace them and restore them back into the body of Christ through repentance and forgiveness. Abortion will not simply be ended by making it illegal, we see that every day here in Fiji and the South Pacific in these abortion illegal countries. We have to go further, we must make abortion unthinkable! We end abortion by changing the heart of man. We do that with compassionate outreach and awareness. We do that by teaching those who do not have the knowledge, by empowering them with truth. The mission teams’ time in Vanuatu gave us the opportunity to do just that. It was a time of training and education. Not only were we able to speak at two churches and give them guidance on how to defend life through an introduction to the Sidewalk Advocacy for Life training, but we were also able to bring them brochures on child development and sexual purity and fetal models that they can show to women who are considering abortion and questioning the humanity of their unborn. The Vanuatu team now feels equipped to defend life and has begun weekly prayer walks where they are bringing awareness to their community and are able to talk to people about the dangers of abortion. These newly trained LIFE Runners may be the only ones there to stand in the gap for women considering illegal abortion either by choice or by force, and they now know how to defend life, to encourage those who are scared and hurting, and to bring healing to those who have already been harmed by abortion.  By bringing educational tools to remote regions of the world we are able to show the humanity of the unborn to those who might otherwise not know due to lack of readily available ultrasound and education.  Please consider a life saving donation to LIFE Runners today so that we can continue to spread the message of truth around the US and the World.”  A team of LIFE Runners will do the inaugural St. Pio Relay for Pro-Life, 82 mile course in Italy (June 17-18).  St. Pio is the patron saint of LIFE Runners:
Let us run and not grow weary, let us walk and not grow faint. As living billboards of hope we have the opportunity to speak truth into a culture of death, we have the opportunity to be the one to speak encouragement into the life of someone facing difficult situations, we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  God First, Life Always, Teammates Forever! 

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