2021 Africa Relay & Climb for Pro-Life!

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LIFE Runners Africa mission trip to impact hearts and minds for saving lives!  Part 1, help share Pro-Life ministry.  Part 2, help bring “REMEMBER The Unborn” message to the roof of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Hosted by the Archdiocese of Tabora (Archbishop Ruzoka).
* EWTN ACI-Africa (5 Nov 2019):  Developed countries advancing abortion agenda in Africa.

* Billions of dollars are sent to Africa for abortion (Killing Africa).    
PART 1 (MISSION):  $1,000 for lodging, food, ground transportation, not including airfare.
* June 29-30:  depart America in the morning
* July 1:  land in Arusha at JRO airport by 2 pm, stay the night at the convent in Karatu hosted by the sisters of the Ngorogoro Crater
* July 2:  see the Ngorogoro crater and travel overland across the Serengeti through Maswa Game Reserve, stay the night in the Serengeti in a government compound
* July 3:  leave the government compound early and travel overland to Shinyanga, arriving by 10 am, Serengeti Park, stay the night in the archdiocesan compound.
* July 4:  visit the orphanages, lunch party, spend the night in Tabora in the archdiocesan compound or with a host family
* July 5:  give talks, visit Ifucha Divine Mercy Shrine (note below), spend the night at archdiocesan compound in Tabora or with host family, dinner party
* July 6:  everyone fly out of Tabora back to Arusha, visit the Masai Cultural Center and Herpetarium, spend the night at the monastery in Arusha.  Part 2 arrive at JRO airport by 2pm.
* July 7:  Part 1 only fly home in the morning from JRO airport (arrive same day because of time zones).  Part 2 drive to Mt. Kilimanjaro (very near Arusha).
* Committed (8):  Bishop Joe Coffey, Pat/Angi/Paige Castle, Bernadette Costello, Emily Brand and Erin Fox, David Stewart.     

PART 2 (INSPIRATION):  $2,000 for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, not including airfare.
* July 6:  arrive at JRO airport by 2 pm.  Fr. Shao will get you to the monastery to join the group.
* July 7:  drive to Mt. Kilimanjaro (very near Arusha).
* July 8:  climb begins, Marangu Route (summit is at 19,341 feet!). 

* July 13:  descend from mountain, spend the night in the monastery.
* July 14:  fly home from JRO (arrive same day because of time zones).
* Mt. Kilimanjaro
video documentary (glacier on top). 
* Committed (7):  Bishop Joe Coffey, Pat Castle, Bernadette Costello, Emily Brand and Erin Fox, Dolores Meehan and Veronica Martinez.
* COVID test required within 3 days of return flight to the United States.
* Ifucha Divine Mercy Shrine in Tabora Tanzania is under the Patronage of Saints John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  Mother Teresa opened her second convent outside India in Tabora in 1968, and Pope John Paul II visited Tabora in 1990.