Africa Pro-Life Mission recap! Mt. Kilimanjaro, Divine Mercy Shrine

16 Aug Africa Pro-Life Mission recap! Mt. Kilimanjaro, Divine Mercy Shrine


We completed LIFE Runners mission in Tanzania Africa!  We gave lots of “REMEMBER The Unborn” gear to many new teammates.  We were hosted by Archbishop Ruzoka of Tabora.  See wonderful faith encounters below.

We climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, the world’s highest free standing mountain (19,341 ft) for the least of the least, representing our 16,557 teammates in 2,169 cities around the world, All In Christ for Pro-Life!
* LifeSiteNews (23 Aug 2021):  Pro-lifers survive blizzard on Mt. Kilimanjaro, share message from peak:  REMEMBER The Unborn.
* Spirit Radio, Omaha NE (30 Aug 2021):  LIFE Runners climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to share “REMEMBER The Unborn” message.
* Catholic Voice, Omaha NE (17 Sep 2021):  LIFE Runners witness to life in Tanzania.
Support Africa LIFE Runners with “REMEMBER The Unborn” jerseys. Already over 700  teammates in Africa wearing the witness!

Bishop Coffey, Dr. Pat Castle, Bernadette Costello, and Dolores Meehan holding up our “REMEMBER The Unborn” message at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft) – impacting hearts and minds for saving lives!  
Ifucha Divine Mercy Shrine in Tabora is under construction, patronage of St. Mother Teresa and St. John Paul II.
*** Please contribute today so we can buy the $3,500 altar – donate here (note “for altar”).  
Fellowship and Mass at albino orphanage with Archbishop Ruzoka, Bishop Coffey, Sisters, and beautiful children! 
Mother Teresa opened her second convent in Tabora in 1968.  Bishop Coffey and teammates greeting the Sisters.  
We shared the LIFE Runners mission with Sisters and Seminarians in Arusha, Tanzania.
Kenya LIFE Runners chapter leader Charlz met us in Arusha, Tanzania.  This was his first trip outside of Kenya.
Francis asked about our “REMEMBER The Unborn” shirts.  We shared and now he is a teammate.  Francis said, “I am touched by your Godly work, that of saving lives of unborn children who deserve to see the light of the day.”
Mass with Bishop Coffey and teammates on the Serengeti.  
“REMEMBER The Unborn” stickers in camps on Mt. Kilimanjaro.  LIFE Runners proclaim the Gospel of Life everywhere we go, including mountain tops!


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  • Bishop Joseph Coffey
    Posted at 10:24 AM, 23 August 2021 Reply

    Wonderful pilgrimage to Tanzania .We represented Liferunners from all over the World! All in Christ fir Pro life!