All Generations (Ps 100:5) by Kevin McNicholas

06 Sep All Generations (Ps 100:5) by Kevin McNicholas

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“For he is good, the LORD, whose kindness endures forever, and his faithfulness, to all generations.” 
~ Ps 100:5 (full readings)
Kevin’s Reflections: God’s faithfulness does endure to all generations, and what a blessing. My parents came to visit us recently, and brought a journal style book we gave them before our daughter was born, in which they fill in different memories about their lives, stories, reflections, etc. for the purpose of it being a keepsake for Ellie as she grows up. My Dad filled out his portion first, and recorded many stories about his parents, both of whom are now deceased. My grandparents were two heroes of mine, for their kindness, generosity, humor, personalities, but most importantly to me, for their devout Catholicism. These were, and still are, two people who put God before everyone and everything in their lives. They attended Mass each morning before work, hosted a family Rosary group at their home for years, were active in the life of their Parish, and perhaps most importantly, inspired me as a small child to love God and strive to emulate their strong example of lived Faith in God. I
love my grandparents so much, and am confident that they pray for us now from Heaven. I pray also that my wife and I can be the sort of parents that they were to my Dad and his brothers and sister, not just going to Mass when they had to, but living their Faith in their home, what Pope John Paul II termed, “the domestic Church.”
* Kevin works at an alternative education program serving three counties in Southern Illinois. He and his wife Laura have a 10 month old miracle named Elliana (“the Lord Answers”) to love, and have been blessed during the 7 years of their marriage to travel to Catholic pilgrimage sites worldwide.
Faith Challenge: Please pray today for a greater ability to live your Faith in your home, your Parish, and your community.
Counter-Culture News: LifeSiteNews, LifeNews, American Family, Vatican, Project Rachel.
Our Prayers: Prayer to end abortion. LIFE Runners Creed. Add Prayers. Pray with meals, bedtime, wake up, etc. Consider mid-week Family Rosary (17 min). Let’s pray now.
Feast Day: Blessed Claudio Granzotto 
Faith Quote: “The family that prays together, stays together.” ~ Servant of God Father Patrick
Peyton, “The Rosary Priest”
Through Christ our Lord,
Kevin Mc

Lk 1:37

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