America’s 1st Pro-Life Half Marathon (and 5K)

24 Sep America’s 1st Pro-Life Half Marathon (and 5K)

Wow!  Just 6 weeks from now on Sunday, November 9, 2014, we will rock the Katy Trail with America’s 1st Pro-Life Half Marathon (and 5K).  Have you started your training? Got your trip planned yet?

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You can find out all you need and more at the race website  Get started today!  Read the recent LifeSiteNews article about this historic race.

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LIFE Runners are hoping to have well over 100 teammates present in their “REMEMBER The Unborn” jerseys that say. Register today!   “America’s First Pro-Life Half Marathon” will run along the historic, flat and beautiful Katy Trail by the Missouri River.


Run where Lewis and Clark journeyed over bridges and under bluffs.  Be surrounded by history, nature and trails that were once the home to Missouri and Osage Indian tribes.


Come the night before for our church service, pre-race meal (details at race website and get a great room at an awesome price – $69!  They will go fast so reserve yours soon.

Air Force Marathon LIFE Runners National Race Weekend

What an outstanding weekend.  So many LIFE Runners and as each neared the finish line the announcer would shout out, “It’s another LIFE Runner.”  There were upwards of 200 LIFE Runners present throughout the weekend.  What a great time.  Watch for the wrap up coming in a few days.

And next year???  We’re going to Vegas!!!  More details on that coming soon.  LIFE Runners are going to the desert to run as a prayer.   Yes, bringing light to darkness – literally -this race is at night.  Although we won’t be in the desert for 40 days we will relay in 5k legs across America for 40 days (Feb 18 – Mar 29)…All in Christ For Pro-Life!  More info here.



*  Get registered for America’s First Half Marathon – then also get your room.
*  Watch for the Air Force Marathon race weekend wrap up.
*  Be sure to visit our Prayer Wall.
*  You can start a local chapter with just 5 LR’s.
*  Send us photos in your LIFE Runners gear at
*  Consider holding up a sign that describes “Why I’m a LIFE Runner.”

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