Are You “All In” for Biggest Relay Ever?

16 Feb Are You “All In” for Biggest Relay Ever?

Have you signed up to run or walk a 5K leg of the epic A-Cross America Relay yet?  Get on it fast, because this train is about to leave the station!  Kickoff in New York City and San Francisco is this Wednesday, February 18.  We are so pumped about this year’s third annual Relay, our biggest ever, that we are reaching out to all members by way of phone, email, text, snail mail, smoke signals…you get it!

Two new (North and South) arms have been added to this year’s Relay, superimposing a cross over the map of America.  How cool is that?!  Get your church, friends, family, pets, etc., involved by sharing this flyer.  Got questions?  Here are some answers.  And for those who don’t live near the Relay route, make it a pilgrimage – more info on that here.  Your travel to the route is part of the sacrifice offered up in prayer.  If you can’t travel to the route, you are welcome to sign up to run or walk 5K legs remotely.  Be a part of this year’s Relay – run or walk part of the “Cruciform Route” – All In Christ!


Relay Progress: In less than two days, we will kick off the epic A-Cross America Relay, 40 days of running and walking for life!  We already have over 100 signed up to fill over 1,500 miles and have raised nearly $7,500 for our national beneficiary, Vitae Foundation.  Very exciting!

Press Coverage:  Read this “Rock-Star” LifeSite News (Feb 11, 2015) article about the A-Cross America Relay!   Then if you missed the Jan 9 airing of our teammates on national TV, watch it here – LIFE Runners co-founder, Dr. Pat Castle, and LIFE Runners board member, Sharla Cloutier, on EWTN’s Life On The Rock. One of our local chapters also hit the press recently: The Beacon reports,  St. Cecilia’s Life Runners Set To Take Part In 40-Day National Pro-Life Relay.

Top 10 Things to Remember

  1. “REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5”
    Visit LIFE Runners Facebook page for frequent updates on Relay progress.
    Take action photos of runners and walkers when Relay comes through your area.  Then send to and post on social media using hashtag #ACrossAmericaRelay.  We will use as many as photos as possible for recap video.
    Use the LIFE Runners Press Packet to promote the local legs that you and others will be running or walking.  Your local media will be interested in the names of those running, and it will help grow the team locally.  Edit the news release but keep it to one page and in same format.
    Use the Bulletin Announcement to inform your church community of the Relay and need for more participants.  Also share the Relay flyer.
    Ask your church community to add a petition to pray for our LIFE Runners Team throughout the Relay.  Use this sample LIFE Runner Petition or create your own.
    Remember to pray the LIFE Runners Creed before each Relay leg and have plenty of Creed cards to give out as you run or walk.
    Wear your LIFE Runners jersey for all to see.  Raising awareness is one of the three prongs of our mission:  prayer, fundraising, awareness.
  9. BE SAFE
    Always be safe and only run in daylight hours. Use good judgement when assessing weather conditions and roads. Stay clear of vehicular traffic.
    Be sure to complete the Relay legs you are responsible for even if you have to back-fill due to illness or weather.

*** LEARN MORE ***
Use the Frequently Asked Questions to address any needs or concerns about the Relay.

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