2021 Banquet (Feb 19th)

BANQUET:  All In Christ for Pro-Life!  Speakers:  Abby Johnson (2019), Archbishop Naumann (2020), Claire Culwell (2021)2021 Flyer2021 Radio.  
2022 Banquet (Mar 25th, Omaha).
* Location:  6pm, Fri, Feb 19th, St. Elizabeth Event Center, 5419 N 114th, Omaha.
* Mass (all welcome):  5:30 pm.
* Social (cash bar):  6 pm.
* Dinner and Speaker:  6:30 pm.
* Mangia Italiana:  cheese tortellini, penne marinara, salad, rolls (and SmallCakes).
* Lifetime Impact:  Bishop Joe Coffey (MD), presented by Bishop James Conley (NE)
* Leadership:  Lt Gov Mike Foley (NE), presented by Congressman Don Bacon (NE)
* LR of the Year:  David Stewart (NM), presented by Mike Seibel (NM) & Martin Cannon (NE)
* Student of the Year:  Olivia Tomlinson (NE), presented by Janice Todd (NE)
* Family of the Year:  DiNuzzo family (KS), presented by Dr. Pat Castle (NE)
PRO-LIFE HEROES:  living or deceased (+), in program, see stories.
* +Phillip Baumberger (NE), +Dr. William/Roseanita Coffey (PA), Anne Costello (VA), +Nellie Gray (MD), +Ed Heigl (MO), Bernadette Ives (IA), Dr. Peggy McGinty (NE), Paula Parmelee (SD), Pastor Bruce Rivers (CA), +Valerie/Bernard Zimmerman (IA)
SPONSORS:  recognized in program and on supporters page.
Bronze ($1,250):
* Kathy/Dr. Chuck Anderson (SD), Paul/Karen Camarata (KS), Richard/Mary Lomax (NE)
Silver ($2,500):
* Clapp family (CA), Dr. Mitch/Chrissy Finnie (TX), Mike/Suzie Lawler (NE), Run for Justin Foundation (NE)
Gold ($5,000+):
* Larry/Diane Cochran (NE), Ed/Linda Janeczko (NE), Brooke Parsons (TN), Ernie/Susan Straub (KS)
BENEFITS the LIFE Runners ministry work around the world in 2,557 cities across 39 nations, impacting hearts & minds for saving lives!
* Available Now!  LIFE Runners Daily Devotions book.
* Registration Open!  2021 A-Cross America Relay (Jul 4th to Aug 8th).