Blessed Thanksgiving and exciting updates

24 Nov Blessed Thanksgiving and exciting updates

LIFE Runners are adding up the miles this year with a lot of great faces and races.  Keep the pictures coming!


Represent LIFE Runners at your local “Turkey Trots” and “Pie Runs”.  Please tell us about the race and send us pictures to post on Facebook.

We are nearing year end.  The best time to raise money for pregnancy related charities.  In another month we will be celebrating the birth of Christ.  Help to make this Christmas even more special to someone who’s struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.  Giving a donation to a pregnancy center is a great way to celebrate Christmas  and can help them save more lives.   The LIFE Runners team is close to reaching our goal of $100,000 for 2013, but need everyone to make this happen by Dec 31.

*Each adult LIFE Runner is encouraged to raise/contribute at least $262 each year for Pro-Life beneficiaries designated by team, with option to select your own Pro-Life beneficiary (at least $100 for team beneficiaries).  Our 2013 team beneficiaries are Rapid City Care Net prc (ultrasound), Sioux Falls Alpha Center prc (mobile medical center), Vitae Foundation (national Pro-Life media).  Goal is $100,000.  All three are non-profit (tax deductible).  For more details click here.

March for Life and Nellie Gray 5K

Thanksgiving day we’ll see some awesome parades but the best parade of all is in January…The March for Life!  See EWTN full coverage of March for Life here (LIFE Runners at 1:21:45 of video).   A big shout out to Sara Beaner who made this “Mount Everest” size LIFE Runner banner that stood out among the rest.   Thanks Sara!


Make plans now to attend and also run the Nellie Gray 5K.  FLYER

426505_4325390698464_1830823194_nGet those details here.  This years race is capped at 500 and already we have a lot of folks signing up.  Don’t be left out of this historic race.  Then the LIFE Runners will again be part of the March for Life that is scheduled for later the same day (more info here) – Jan 22nd.  So many great opportunities to offer up your sacrifices and raise awareness with your shirt.


LIFE Runners A-Cross America Relay

LIFE Runners will run/walk 1,103 legs (~5K each) for 4,089 miles over 40 days.  On 5 Mar 2014, the East Coast Arm (1,997 miles) launches from the New York City Brooklyn Bridge, and the West Coast Arm (2,092 miles) launches from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. The route goes by abortion facilities for prayer with 40 Days for Life groups. The East Coast and West Coast Arms will unite at the Sioux Falls (SD) Cathedral on Palm Sunday (13 Apr)…for a grand Pro-Life celebration! FLYER.  More info on relay and signup here. Watch one or all of the videos of the 2013 Relay here:  RecapFinish line,  MOSDILMD/WV/OH/INUT/CONJ/PANYCA/NVfirst 2 weeksBadlandsMississippi RiverMid-MOKC1KC2.


2014 Air Force 1K/5K/half/full Marathon

Even though this, our annual fall race is in September, it sells out early.  LIFE Runners – we need you to sign up before March 1, 2014.  Otherwise you risk not getting in the game.  This is the last race that will be centrally located for a few years (2015 CA, 2016 DC).  Don’t miss out on this we need our largest crowd at this race.  March 1 is the LIFE Runner deadline for the 2014 Air Force race.  More info here.


As you are making plans for March for Life, Nellie Gray 5K, A-Cross America Relay, Air Force 1K/5K/Half/Full Marathon, remember to alert the community and the press.  Find helpful tools to do so here.  These are all opportunities to grow your chapters.  LIFE Runners had their largest growth last year from the Relay.  Raise awareness in your community.  Start at your Church with bulletin announcements and other tools mentioned.  Then work to larger more secular groups.  The local friendly press also play a role (an important one) here, don’t forget about them in your planning.  Tell them if you have teammates attending these national races/events.  LIFE Runners now has more than 1,700 members from 45 states and 10 foreign countries.

Blessed Thanksgiving!

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, the LIFE Runners  leadership team wants to express how thankful we are for all of the members of our great running team for life that creates such a vast sea of blue shirts reminding all to “REMEMBER The Unborn.”   You are such a powerful witness and God bless you for standing up for life in His name.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

God first, Life always, Teammates forever!

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