Breath of Life (Gen 2:7) by Joe Hourigan

22 Aug Breath of Life (Gen 2:7) by Joe Hourigan

life_counts1…the LORD God formed man out of the clay of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and so man became a living being. ~ Gen 2:7
Reflection: God breathed life into us… and counts every conceived baby as one of His children. Knowing that abortion attacks this sanctity of life has given me singleness of purpose to prayerfully stand up for God’s littlest ones on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facility. I have never felt so humbled as when I pray there. My moral courage increases. I have responded to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and have spoken to more and more people about committing to specific prayer times on the sidewalk. We have faith that Our Lord is using these prayers in a big way!  Blood Money and Maafa21 movies, news about Planned Parenthood’s institutional deceit/evil, the great number of young people standing up for life, etc. — the momentum is surely swaying to the culture for Life side. But still, much work remains. God is giving those who are seeking to do His will, the moral courage to stand up and be a voice for those without one. Also, to be a voice for the women and other family members who are too hurt to speak up about the damage caused by abortion. With the dedication and commitment of Pro-Life leaders, we are thinking globally and acting locally. Like Matthew Kelly says, “we need people that are not just willing to die for the cause, but to live for it.” I would give my life this very moment to once and for all end abortion. I pray for the courage to continue spreading the message of life giving love, and let God do whatever He chooses with my devotions.  I beg you to put your Pro-Life faith in action… for His precious Unborn!
Challenge: Consider praying at least monthly outside Planned Parenthood abortion facility, until the lawful killing of innocent children ends. This is like praying at the foot of the cross… expect to be blessed and converted closer to the heart of Christ.
Pray LIFE Runners Creed now to end abortion.
Inspiration: “Few souls understand what God would accomplish in them if they were to abandon themselves unreservedly to Him and if they were to allow His grace to mold them accordingly.” ~ St. Ignatius Loyola
All In Christ for Pro-Life,
* Joe Hourigan resides in Colorado Springs and is married to Anne. They have six wonderful children.

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  • Kathy
    Posted at 9:04 PM, 23 August 2016 Reply

    Love the verse and your inspiring message.