Bystanders (Eph 4:1) by Dr. Pat

17 Oct Bystanders (Eph 4:1) by Dr. Pat

Just-Do-It-NowLive in a manner worthy of the call you have received. ~ Eph 4:1
Reflection: A bystander is a person who is present at an event without participating in it.  Our culture is filled with bystanders who don’t intervene while abortion is on pace to end 900,000 American lives this year.  Pro-choice bystanders often think lack of participation or intervention keeps them neutral on abortion.  They consider themselves pro-choice but not pro-abortion, which isn’t logical because abortion is one of the choices they support.  This is reflected in the fact that 51% of Americans identify as pro-choice, but 56% consider abortion morally wrong.  Pro-Life bystanders think their lack of participation in abortion is enough to be Pro-Life.  Silent bystanders actually speak loudly.  Many abortions happen because a mother interprets silence as consent for the abortion.  82% of post-abortion women said they would have chosen life if just one person had intervened with support, be the one.
Challenge:   Don’t be a bystander to abortion.  Speak up with support that encourages abortion vulnerable mothers to choose life.  Be the one!
Pray LIFE Runners Creed.  Witness with all types of “REMEMBER The Unborn” gear.  Provide jerseys for students.  Thank You!
“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ~ James Preller
All In Christ for Pro-Life!

* Dr. Pat Castle is the LIFE Runners Team pres/ceo and founder.  Pat and Angi live in Papillion, NE with their daughters.  Full intro.

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