Compassionately Convicted! (Dan 9:9) by Fr. St. Andre

02 Nov Compassionately Convicted! (Dan 9:9) by Fr. St. Andre

convictionBut Yours, O Lord, our God, are compassion and forgiveness! ~ Dan 9:9
Reflection:  Is it possible to be absolutely convicted about the call to protect the unborn and yet to be compassionate (“to suffer with”) towards those who uphold a right to aborting children?  The Gospel would tell us a resounding “yes.”  We can show compassion for our brothers and sisters because our love towards them does not mean an attitude of indifference to the tragic decision they may be promoting.  We don’t agree with them but we love them as a person.  I have always hoped that I could take a “pro-choice” person to lunch and listen to them share what they believe to be true.  I would hope that the measure with which I measured out to them (a listening ear, respect for their dignity as a person, my love for them despite our differences) would be the means God might mysteriously use to influence their heart towards the truth.  Of course this has to start close to home for all of us.  Are we merciful, forgiving and generous to our spouses, children, brothers?  This is the true measure of our identity as Men and Women who are All In Christ for Pro-Life.  Lord, please help us to have the grace to be compassionately convicted.
Challenge:  Take the day to pray for a person who you know is strongly against Pro-Life positions.  Ask the Lord to draw them closer to Himself, their family and ask Him to move their hearts as He wills.
Pray LIFE Runners Creed to End Abortion.
Inspiration:  “God’s mercy is so great that you may sooner drain the sea of its water, or deprive the sun of its light, or make space too narrow, than diminish the great mercy of God.” ~ Charles Spurgeon
All In Christ for Pro-Life,
Fr. Jonathan, T.O.R.
* Fr. Jonathan St. André is a Franciscan Friar of the Third Order Regular (T.O.R.) and a Priest of God.  He currently lives in Loretto, Pennsylvania where he is blessed to work with young Men seeking God’s will as Franciscan novices.

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  • Kathy Castle
    Posted at 10:49 AM, 02 November 2016 Reply

    Thank you for so beautifully espousing so well what is in the hearts of those who serve the prolife cause while the world calls us unChristian in our beliefs turning good into evil and evil into good. God Bless you Fr. Jonathan!