Crazy Horse Races (cost increase June 1st) Top 10

28 May Crazy Horse Races (cost increase June 1st) Top 10



The Crazy Horse half/full Marathon registration goes up $20 this Saturday, June 1st.  Click on the link to register today!

Get your run on because full marathon training begins this Sunday, June 3, 2013.



Top 10 Reasons to Run The Crazy Horse half/full Marathon:

10. Runners World magazine calls it “the best kept secret in marathoning.”
9.   Natural beauty that is distinctly unique.
8.   Drive the streets that Wild Bill Hickock and friends, rode on horse-back.
7.   Experience the rich Native American History.
6.   See where the Buffalo roam.
5.   Needles so large they can be climbed.
4.   Presidents “hang out” there, including our LIFE Runners president.
3.   Race name-sake is a legendary warrior and leader of the Sioux Nation, some of the current members lead the race.
2.   To join up with fellow LIFE Runner Teammates.
1.   Run for the unborn.

More info on all things LIFE Runners and Crazy Horse Half/Full Marathon/5K/1K here.  Watch promo video.  Then share it with others to encourage them to go also…All In Christ for Pro-Life!

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