World Record set!, Giving Tues match, Christmas gifts, Winter gear, 1st Wed…

02 Dec World Record set!, Giving Tues match, Christmas gifts, Winter gear, 1st Wed…



World Record in Tulsa, Giving Tues match, Christmas gifts, Winter gear, Bishop Sirba passing, 1st Wed witness.  All In Christ for Pro-Life!

Tulsa Recap here!  World Record and real persecution.  LIFE Runner Julia Webb featured on Front Page of Fox News!    
Giving Tuesday!  We have a $25,000 matching challenge from Gold partners listed here.  The donors will match all reoccurring donations for one year.  If you sign up to give $10 per month, this will be matched as $120. Also, reoccurring monthly donations of $10 or more will receive the limited 2020 A-Cross America Relay shirt.  You can give on website or on Facebook page.  Thank you!  
Christmas gifts, winter gear for March/Walk for Life, and stocking stuffers all at  Cheers! 
LIFE Runners Bishop Sirba (MN) passed away on Dec 1st.  May he rest in peace.  Here are all the LIFE Runners Bishops (14):  Cardinal Dolan (NY), Archbishop Lucas (NE), Archbishop Naumann (KS), Archbishop Ruzoka (Tanzania), Bishop Coffey (CA), Bishop Conley (NE), Bishop Gruss (MI), Bishop Paprocki (IL), Bishop Parkes (FL), Bishop McKnight (MO), Bishop Sandoval (Autlan MX), Bishop Sheridan (CO), Bishop Sirba (MN), Bishop Wack (FL)
First Wednesday! Wear your “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey as a public witness. Post photos and send photos. Use LIFE Runners phone app to log jersey time & distance. All In Christ for Pro-Life!

School chapter leaders, please remind parents and do an overhead students reminder on Tues afternoon.  Consider a before school witness walk with “REMEMBER The Unborn” banner and signs.  Use the LIFE Runners Creed as the school overhead morning prayer on First Wednesday:

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