Divine Mercy (Matthew 6:14) by Dr. Gregory Thompson

21 Jun Divine Mercy (Matthew 6:14) by Dr. Gregory Thompson

Welcome God now with this LIFE Group Devotion (FB), provided by LIFE Runners (FB). Leaders. Guest Authors.
“If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you.”
~ Matthew 6:14 (full readings)
Gregory’s Reflections: This verse gives me great pause, as I think about how Jesus, being God,  humbled Himself to bear all of our sins, and to be spit upon, mocked, beaten beyond recognition, tortured severely, and nailed to a cross to die for you and me and then to say, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”  For Him to do this while I, a sinner, said, “crucify Him”, and helped to hammer nails into His hands and feet, and gave His Sacred Heart such sorrow…for my creator to give me this example and in His infinite Divine Mercy to love me so much to forgive me, how can I not forgive offenses that are minute compared to my offense against the Lord of Lords?  Jesus, you have given me forgiveness and grace; give me the attitude of love for these women who threaten to destroy life and possibly their own souls; use me and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through me into their lives, so that they accept the grace from You to turn away from this sin, and turn to you as Lord of their lives and the lives they carry.
* Dr. Gregory Thompson has five daughters and twenty two grandchildren, and loves them with the only love that matters, a desire to be used by God to help them in their journey to be with the King of Kings for eternity.  He is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to the Eucharist.  
Faith Challenge: Do whatever you can to receive the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus every day, and if not possible try to engage in Adoration daily.  Then ask Jesus to use you to bring souls to HIM.  There is nothing more important.
Counter-Culture News: LSN, LifeNews, Priests for Life, AFA,Vatican, Project Rachel.
Our Prayers: Prayer to end abortion. LIFE Runners Creed. Add Prayers. Pray with meals, bedtime, wake up, etc. Consider mid-week Family Rosary (17 min). Let’s pray now.
Feast Day: St. Aloysius Gonzaga.
Faith Quote: “How can we answer to ourselves for the souls who have in our times lived and died in sin; the souls that have been lost and are now waiting for judgment, seeing that for what we know, we were ordained to influence or reverse their present destiny and have not done it?” ~ John Cardinal Newman
Love and prayers in Christ,
Mt 5:11-12

* Pray/Fast: Prayer connects us with God’s will and His miracles, changing us & helping others. Fast from things that take your eyes off Jesus. Those who pray together stay together, and close to God!
* Save Unborn (and families): Abortion (images) is #1 death cause (22% pregnancies). Prov 24:11 and Jer 1:5. “A great poverty that a child must die that you might live as you wish.” Mother Teresa.
* Evangelize: Make room for unbelievers and re-evangelization of self, by way of prayer (relationship) and following Christ’s example of love (service/sacrifice/mercy). Matt 28:19.

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