Endure Your Trials (Heb 12:7) by Shane Kapler

04 Feb Endure Your Trials (Heb 12:7) by Shane Kapler

“Endure your trials as ‘discipline’; God treats you as his sons.” 
~ Heb 12:7 (full readings)
Shane’s Reflections:  The Jewish Christians to whom the author of Hebrews wrote knew persecution first hand.  They had been exposed to public ridicule, the confiscation of property, and some had even been imprisoned (Heb 10:32-34).  Contrary to popular opinion, however, the inspired writer taught them to view these trials as God’s means for perfecting the image of Christ within them.  It is one thing to imitate Christ by showing respect for the neighbor who treats us kindly and is willing to hear what we have to say.  It is quite another to imitate the civility Jesus showed in His dealings with Caiaphas, Pontius Pilate, and those who gave false testimony at His trial.
* Shane Kapler is the author of Through, With, and In Him: The Prayer Life of Jesus and How to Make It Our Own and The God Who is Love: Explaining Christianity From Its Center. He is online at www.explainingchristianity.com..

Faith Challenge:   We in the Pro-Life movement are afforded many opportunities, as we encounter trials, to imitate Jesus.  God allows these difficulties and wants to use them for His own good purpose – forging us in the image of Jesus.  It does not happen without our cooperation, though.  When wronged we must choose between responding in kind and nursing bitterness, or calling out to God for the grace to manifest Christ’s mercy and goodness.  When the next trial comes your way, before you open your mouth, or put your fingers on the keyboard to respond, (a) silently thank God for this opportunity to practice reacting like Jesus; and (b) then actually react as Jesus counsels in the gospels.

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Feast Day:  St. Joan of Valois
Faith Quote: 
 “My child, when you come to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for trials.”~ Sirach 2:1

Through Christ our Lord,

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