Facts of Life

INSIGHTS to encourage Life    
* 78% of post-abortion mothers said if they had encouragement, they would have chosen life.  Wear your “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey/jacket to be an encouraging person with a life-saving message!
* 79% of post-abortion mothers didn’t know about free help. Lead mothers to assistance at one of the 3,000+ pregnancy help centers.
* Up to 75% no show for abortion appointments when people are praying at one of the ~700 abortion facilities.
* Over 64% of abortion-vulnerable mothers choose life when they see their unborn baby ultrasound image.
* 64% felt coerced (perceive silence as consent).
* 63% sought or wanted help after chemical abortion.
* 45% of abortions are repeat, healing support prevents repeats.
* 40% of minors having had an abortion report that neither of their parents knew.
* 85% false positive for prenatal genetic screenings.  People diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted at these rates:  US (35%), UK (48%), Iceland (99%).
* 90% of relationships end after an abortion.
* 90% don’t know where to go for healing.
* 94% regret their abortion. 80% regret aborting their child because of rape and incest.  Abortion does not fix circumstances.

SHARE the reality of abortion (America stats)
* 64 million+ children aborted since 1973, the top cause of death.  9 million people killed in Nazi Holocaust.  America is one of seven countries with abortion on demand for entire pregnancy.  Methods include starvation (chemical pill), dismemberment (suction or forceps), and lethal injection.
* 930,000+ children will be aborted this year.  646,000+ Americans killed in all combat.
* 2,500 children die from abortion per day (ends 20% of pregnancies).  From the Sep 11th attacks, there are 2,996 casualties reported (actually 3,006 with 10 unborn children).
* Only 18,000 adoptions per year (under 2 years old):  1.5 million couples waiting, 2 year waiting line.
* 39 women reportedly died during illegal abortions in 1972.  Legal abortion causes the death of 5 women and about 500,000 female babies per year since 1973.
* 0.02% of pregnancies are “life of the mother” cases.  In the United States, 20 mothers die for every 100,000 births.  Most of those deaths could have been prevented with treatment for diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, etc.
* 2% of pregnancies are ectopic, 68% dissolve naturally, the rest can be monitored and safely treated.
* 23% increase in mental disorders for each exposure to abortion.
* 24% of women had an abortion.  % of abortions by mother’s age (yrs):  <15 (.2%), 15–17 (3%), 18–19 (8%), 20–24 (34%), 25–29 (27%), 30 and up (27.8%).
* 34% of Planned Parenthood revenue is from tax dollars ($699 million per year).  Planned Parenthood aborts over 390,000 children per year.
* 37% of pregnancies among black women are aborted, compared with 12% for white women and 19% for hispanic women.  36% of all abortions were obtained by black women.
* 40% of women attended a church service within the same month as their abortion.
* 51% of mothers seeking abortion were using a contraceptive method in the month they became pregnant.
* 60% of abortions are from mothers who already had children.
* 60% of abortions are done with pills.  The first pill is mifepristone which starves the baby (prevents implantation).  The second pill, misoprostol, is taken 48 hours later to empty the uterus.  The abortion pill has four times more complications than surgical abortion.
* 64% success rate with abortion pill reversal.
* 66% of regular church attendees identify as Pro-Life.  Pro-God is Pro-Life.  John10:10
* 84% of post-abortion mothers felt they had no choice.
* 90% of abortions in first 12 wks (95% in 15 wks).  % of abortions by age (wks):  <6 (43%), 6-9 (36%), 9-13 (13%), 13-20 (7%), >20 (1%).
* If we had a moment of silence for each baby aborted, we would be silent for over 100 years.  Silent No More.  More stats at abort73.com.

ABORTION RATE decreasing
1. Women regret abortion.
2. More pregnancy help centers (since 1990 from 700 to 3500).  Assistance for 2 years on average.  
3. Less abortion facilities (since 1990 from 2500 to 650).  Longer travel distances allow more time to get out of crisis.
4. 24 and 72 hr wait periods allow time to get out of crisis.
5. Required ultrasound.  
6. Mandated parental involvement.
7. Sidewalk ministry.
8. Reaching youth.
9. Education:  truth is getting out that abortion is a lie.
10. Churches and pastors are rising up as intended by God. 

*** Abortion is the leading cause of death world-wide (44.6 million/yr), greater than next seven causes of death combined.

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