Faith in Christ, Service to Others (Mt 20:28) by Amy Kosta

25 Jul Faith in Christ, Service to Others (Mt 20:28) by Amy Kosta

SBThe Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve. ~ Mt 20:28
Reflection:  Faith in Christ, Service to Others; a school motto intended to build a sense of service in students.  I am not accountable to anyone to do service work – or am I?  If the Holy One came specifically to serve, then am I not to do the same?  Yes, we are called to serve the most helpless and fragile.  This service can take form of daily prayer for the unborn, time spent visiting the sick or assisting the elderly, and even financial support of a local Pro-life organization.  We must commit to service here and now.  Jesus came “to serve and give His life for the ransom of many.”  Let’s follow His lead and give our lives to the service of others.
Challenge:  Commit today to service for the lives of the unborn.
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Inspiration:  “Prayer in action is love, and love in action is service.” ~ Saint Theresa of Calcutta
All In Christ for Pro-Life!

Amy Kosta is a Labor & Delivery nurse.  Amy and husband Steve lead the St. Louis LIFE Runners chapter and share a passion for life with their 5 children.

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  • Maureen King
    Posted at 2:47 PM, 25 July 2018 Reply

    Very inspirational–Thanks Amy.
    Maureen King