Fear Blinds, Faith Sees (Is 7:4) by Pastor Don Bird

18 Jul Fear Blinds, Faith Sees (Is 7:4) by Pastor Don Bird

fearnotTake care you remain faithful and do not fear; let not your courage fail. ~ Is 7:4
Reflection:  When we listen to fear, it can easily become a barrier to God’s mission and work in the world.  Ahaz allowed fear to lead him into an alliance with Pul, even though he had been warned that only God could secure his safety.  His lack of faith would keep his generation from experiencing the glorious future that the Davidic line would experience in the coming of Immanuel.  Fear can keep us from the future God has for us and for those whom God has called us to share the message of grace and new life.  So many are fearful of the darkness and storms they find themselves in that they make decisions that will keep them from experiencing the light and glory of God.  Fear blinds.  Faith sees.  As we encounter those who are living in the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, may we come alongside them, pray with them, and help them embrace the life God offers… giving them the opportunity to live into the glorious future God promises for their life and the life growing within them.
Challenge:  Help women see the Truth who are blinded by the fear of an unwanted pregnancy.
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Inspiration:  “With faith in your heart, you will move mountains.  When fear fills your heart, mountains will move you.” ~ Anonymous
All In Christ for Pro-Life!
Pastor Don
Pastor Don Bird is at Hope United Methodist Church in Greenwood Village, CO.  He lives in Aurora, CO with wife Mandy and their two children.

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