Countering FDA with our jerseys!

31 Jan Countering FDA with our jerseys!

LIFE Runner!  with the FDA now allowing pharmacies to provide the chemical abortion pill, our public witness is even more important for reaching abortion vulnerable mothers before they arrive at a Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid pharmacy counter.

Wear your “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey or jacket on 1st Wednesday (Feb 1st), often and everywhere!  78% of post-abortion mothers said if they had encountered ONE supportive person or encouraging message, they would have chose life. 

“While sitting in a Hard Rock Cafe considering abortion, I bowed my head and asked God to give me a sign to choose life.  Looking up, the sun was hitting the back wall mural and perfectly highlighting just the word BIRTH. With that sign, I chose life for my son who is now 36 years old.”   

News and upcoming events:    
*  Banquet (Mar 31st):  speaker John-Henry Westen, early-bird today!
*  Relay (Aug 26th-Oct 8th):  A-Cross America
*  Race Retreat (Oct 7th-8th):  Black Hills, SD
*  See presentations and media.

50th March for Life!  We shared encouragement at Expo, Law of Life Summit, and on airways.  EWTN TV and Relevant Radio
NEW gear item to make Pro-Life top of mind, wear your witness, get yours today
Oakland CA StandUp4Life rally!
Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco, the second largest Pro-Life event in the world!
116 new teammates and nation #44 added at the March for Life Expo.  We gave out 1 inch “REMEMBER The Unborn” stickers for phones.  This new teammates used a 3 inch sticker!
Cheers for Beloit KS LIFE Runners! “Our middle school basketball team is in the league tournament and decided to use this platform to advocate for life.”
St. Joseph school chapter in Westphalia MO with the entire student body and staff in their bold blue armor!
Philly LIFE Runners joined the Chester County March for Life!
Los Angeles Walk for Life!
Arkansas March for Life!
Nebraska Walk for Life!  Governor Jim Pillen and wife Suzanne joined us.  Omaha KETV shared our message!
Early bird pricing until Feb 1st.  
Order your LIFE Runners Daily Devotions
National race retreat, Crazy Horse Marathon (Oct 7th-8th):  mostly downhill course in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.


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