February 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

05 Feb February 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

LIFE Runners Board Meeting

February 5, 2019

Pat called the January meeting to order at 7:30pm CST. Board members present were Pat, Paul, Scott, Jeff, Grant, Karen and T.D. Paul recited the LR Creed. The minutes from the January meeting were approved.

*PAT – chair

Remind app – Paul and Pat have been working on how to get new members automatically signed up on the app. Right now we can’t justify the monthly cost but will keep working on it.

Outreach – There are a lot of possibilities with having outreach reps. This can empower more members to do some booth/expo time.

Calendar – The mission trip to Mexico will be in August this year. We are doing more and more in Africa. Dr. Sebastian Mahfood has a passion for Africa and he jumped at the chance to be the regional coordinator for the chapters in Africa. By 2020 we should have a long blue line there! Pat asked the board members to pray and plan on getting to Africa in 2020 for the LR pilgrimage.

Chapters – Pat added a 6th star to chapter ratings which will be awarded for 10% annual growth. This should get us thinking about how our point is evangelization. We need to motivate and inspire others, more than just our 5 “best friends”. Paul asked how we would implement this with the new chapters and Pat said he gave all the new chapters this 6th start by default. Pat thought that 10% is reasonable–with a chapter of 50 this means only 5 new members. Pat reminded the board that the criteria for a chapter staying open is meeting 3 out of the 6 stars. Possible regional chapter positions would be Joel Schroer – Jeff City, Paula Parmalee – Sioux City, Pearl Esquibel – DC area, Pat – Omaha, Karen – Fiji, Sebastian Mahfood – Africa, Prissila – Mexico. We also have banners positioned around the country.

Relay – T.D. has reviewed/edited the letter and flyer for the school mailing which will go out this month to the 200+ schools.

LR Books – Pat is working on getting the cover done for the devotional book.

Fundraising – Pat stated that he is interviewing 3 wealth screening services. For $5,000 they will “rack and stack” based on wealth, people that might be interested based on their giving. He needs to interview the other 2 companies. He explained further: They use one’s address and can extrapolate what their giving habits are. For instance Pat could take a list of potential/somewhat probable donors in the Omaha area and make targeted phone calls. It is a focused way of getting donors instead of wasting a lot of time asking those who aren’t able to donate and in turn make it an uncomfortable situation. Pat said that for $5,000 they will work on 8,000 from our data base and 2,000 prospective donors but after talking with them more he got them to agree to 12,000 from our data base and 2,000 prospective. Jeff said if we get lots of sign-ups from the relay we could get more potential donors that way. Grant asked if we have ever asked corporations for matching grants. Pat said that Pat Sharp in San Francisco has done this. At this time Scott shared that he was not really comfortable with this type of fund-raising. Pat said he had the same feeling at first but he has researched it and it is quite normal and our own churches have probably used this type of fund-raising, it is used quite frequently and regularly. It doesn’t look in to your net wealth, it’s all data bases–what people make based on what they give. Pat then explained that when he worked in development at Vitae he learned that asking donors is not taking something away from the donor, we are giving them the opportunity to give. Jeff echoed this, saying that it is a way of focusing and it’s a standard practice. This is a tool to further our mission. Pat said it’s internal and external–our own ranks and prospects. Karen asked that with all this information are we sure these potential companies won’t sell off information. At this time Paul said that the information LRs has is NOT private information. Pat said all the information the company needs is an address, believe it or not! Pat doesn’t want to ask someone who can’t afford it–it’s uncomfortable but it’s not weird to ask someone with the means. Scott said he needs to see the data and sift through it. T.D. asked if it would help to interview the other 2 companies first and then come back to the board with more information. Grant said that any money coming in is to fund our ministry and we need this. Pat said more funds is more jerseys which is less abortions. It’s about saving lives. Jeff then said it IS a lot of money but it’s a good idea for us–this project will help us grow the team. After discussion Jeff moved that we approve $5,000 for hiring a wealth management company, making sure we are good stewards of this money. Paul seconded the motion. There were 7 votes for and 1 vote against the motion. Motion passed.

Pat then brought up LRs hosting a fundraising banquet with Abby Johnson in Omaha. Abby said she would charge LRs $3,000 to come speak, the hall rental will be $200 and the Knights would only charge for the cost of the food. The hall will hold 280 people and if we charge $50/ticket we could potentially make $14,000. We will promote this through the Archdiocese of Omaha, radio, etc. Paul said that Leslie with the Alpha Center in Sioux Falls has a big banquet and has an ask at the end and we could do that also. Grant suggested that in the future we could have a silent auction. Fr. Joe said he has seen the “Unplanned” movie in Orange County and it is a GREAT movie! Pat said this could be an annual thing in Omaha as a fundraiser. At this time Pat moved that we spend $3,000 to have Abby Johnson speak at a LRs banquet in Omaha, Karen seconded the motion. Motion passed.


*Paul – Vice: Paul said that he has run out of words to use to share the amount of LRs growth!! He said that 69% of our growth is from schools and there has been tremendous growth outside of the US. Membership/growth charts for December:

Dec graph 5

Dec graph 4

Dec graph 3

Dec graph 2

Dec graph 1



*T.D. – Secretary: T.D. said Walk for Life plans are in place. Relay finish line plans are up to date as far as they can be.

*Scott – Treasurer: Scott sent out the financial report. He is currently getting the end of year statements out. He has met with an accountant about payroll, taxes etc. now that Pat will be an employee. December bank statement is as follows:



      Facebook promotions $714.90

      Donations to other Pro-Life groups $0

      Travel $88.29 (half under M&G)

      W3Works $240.00

      Appcellence $332.50

      Apptology $70.00

      Campaignium $50.00

      Schwartze Community Foundation grant disbursements $0

            Balance $4870.47 (may need discussion)

      Guth grant disbursements $0

            Balance -$1737.25 (may need discussion)

      Other program expenses (gear, signs, website, etc.) $3836.08 (Midwest Advertising, etc.)


      Travel $88.29 (half under Program)

      Meals $0

      Monthly bank fees $9.95

      Awards (plaques, etc.) $466.57

      Mailchimp $63.75

Donations (minus transaction charges), $12,678.47

     Significant donations:  $7540.03 via Facebook, Janice Todd $270.00, Julia Whelan $500.00, Pat Sharp $300.00, $791.68 Midwest Advertising Specialties

Our current balance is $33,918.03.

*Karen – Communications: Pat asked Karen to look in to grant writing–it’s a new thing he hasn’t shared with her yet. He asked if Karen if she would do the research–she would find a grant and then write ours. Karen said she has drafted the monthly email update. She is still working on the FB chapter pages. Karen shared that when reading the Africa emails they just don’t have any money–Sebastian has been funding Africa chapters, Karen has been purchasing shirts herself–$500 in shirts to send to Vanuatu. Pat said this is the kind of thing we need big donors for.

*Jeff – Relay: Jeff thanked those who helped on the school lists for the relay arms. The school letter has already been mentioned.

*Grant – Healing: Grant got the LR of the Year awards out. He has also been going through the prayer wall. He has been trying to figure out how we can incorporate healing more in to our ministry. At this time Pat said that Paula Parmalee presented the award to Carson, the Male Student LR of the Year at a basketball game, Pat will present Leah the Female LR of the Year award in South Dakota, the Mirendas will receive their award as LR family of the Year at the March for Life in DC, Stephen in Africa will receive his Male LR of the Year award in the mail, and Joel will present the Chapter(s) of the Year award at the Midwest March for Life Feb. 2nd to the Jeff City chapters.

At this time Pat asked for any personal updates. T.D. mentioned she has knee surgery next month, lots going on with her family–asked for prayers for her daughter and son-in-law in the process of adopting, another daughter getting married this summer, grand baby due in May, in the process of building their house. Scott shared an amusing anecdote–his 16-yr old daughter had her license for ONE day and got it taken away for the next 30! Karen said she has been fasting since Christmas day, she is excited about the LR growth and is hoping she will get to San Francisco! Jeff said his 3 toddlers are getting in to a good sleeping routine!! :) Grant said he got back from Brazil and he and Rachel moved in to their new house. He has had some knee issues so he won’t be able to go to San Francisco. Fr. Joe said he will not be at the next board meeting because he will be in the Holy Land with Archbishop Chaput and other Philadelphia priests. He will be going to Okinawa, Japan in September of 2019 for his next assignment and then will retire from the military in 2022. Pat talked about Maria Miller Poule, mom of 11 and her youngest is 9. She said her great grandma died from a self-induced abortion and her grandma ended up raising all 5 kids!! Pro-life!!

Fr. Joe closed with a prayer.

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