Forgiveness is the Key (Mt 18:35) by Dr. Rich Reich

10 Mar Forgiveness is the Key (Mt 18:35) by Dr. Rich Reich

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“My heavenly Father will treat you in exactly the same way unless each of you forgives his brother from his heart.” 
~ Mt 18:35 (full readings)
Rich’s Reflections:  Forgiveness is difficult.  When we are injured (physically, emotionally, or spiritually), we feel the need to even the score.  I am thankful that Jesus doesn’t keep score.  If He did, there is no way that I would ever be able to repay Him.  Every time that I commit a sin and turn away from Jesus, I injure Him.  Sin also injures and weakens the sinner himself.  The Lord has suffered for our sins and He forgives us.  Likewise, we are commanded by Jesus to forgive others.  We must accept God’s grace to forgive.  If we do not forgive our brother from our heart, we are merely imprisoning ourselves and torturing our spirit.  Forgiveness is our decision to accept God’s grace to let go of offenses committed against us and to express this by acts of mercy and love.  Pope John Paul II defined forgiveness as “the restoration of freedom to oneself.  It is the key held in our own hand to our prison cell.”  Forgive others and let God set you free.
* Dr. Rich Reich is the co-founder of the National LIFE Runners Team.  He is married to Erica and lives in Colorado Springs, CO.  Full bio..

Faith Challenge:   Pray for God’s grace to forgive others so that you may unlock your prison cell.

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Feast Day:  St. John Ogilvie
Faith Quote: 
 “Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you:  love, prayer, and forgiveness.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Through Christ our Lord,
James 1:22

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