Galatians 2:2 (“hey Dad, Phil 4:13!”)

06 Oct Galatians 2:2 (“hey Dad, Phil 4:13!”)

Welcome God now with this LIFE Group Devotion (archive, Facebook).


I presented to them the Gospel that I preach to the Gentiles–but privately to those of repute–so that I might not be running, or have run, in vain. Galatians 2:2 (full readings)


Pat’s Reflections:
* My dear wife Angi and I were blessed to race the Lewis & Clark half/full Marathon on Respect Life Sunday (St. Charles, MO). Lewis & Clark explored so citizens had freedom to live further west…we ran so Unborn citizens have the freedom to simply live! The LIFE Runners jersey, “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5”, gave voice to the voiceless Unborn who are not safe under the Silent Holocaust of abortion. We didn’t “run in vain”…
* While waiting to cheer Angi to the finish line of the full marathon, daughter Grace brought me a leaf with a Monarch butterfly. The butterfly sat on my finger for about a minute and then flew gracefully away. The butterfly symbolizes metanoia (change of heart)…a great symbol of hope for our ProLife mission. In yesterday’s devotion Rob challenged us to pray that abortionists have a metanoia. Let’s also pray that we have a deeper metanoia for Christ’s divine mercy, inspiring greater love/sacrifice for standing against the Silent Holocaust.
* Just a few miles from the finish line, Angi slowed to encourage a man who was getting sick…”do you need help? try to keep walking.” After Angi told us her personal best finishing time (4:13:01), daughter Paige said, “hey Dad, Phil 4:13!”…possible because Angi slowed to present the Gospel. While running to the finish line, Angi raised her hand to God and shouted, “for the babies!”
* Need a Spiritual pick me up? Light Up the Sky song: “So I run straight into Your arms…Your love is rushing in!”

Faith Challenge: To support 40 Days for Life (ends 31 Oct), spend an hour of prayer in front of your local abortuary…presenting the Gospel. “Preach the gospel at all times…if necessary, use words.” St. Francis of Assisi


Counter-Culture News: LSN, Vatican, AFA, Priests for Life, Live Action.


Our Prayers: Prayer to end abortion. Peters family (JP), Rich Reich (cousin Tom cancer), Leslee Unruh (grandbaby Pierce recovering from brain surgery & pneumonia)
* Beth Hughes (nephew died in swimming accident), Carol Nesbitt (special intention), Carolyn McKissack (daughter’s health)


Feast Day: St. Bruno


Faith Quote: “In the cross of Jesus, the measure of Love is Love without measure.” St. John of the Cross


Through Christ our Lord,

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