Galations 3:8 (Legacy)

08 Oct Galations 3:8 (Legacy)

“Through you all nations will be blessed.” Galatians 3:8 (full readings)

Steve’s Reflections:
* First off, I give thanks this day for my mother, Kathleen Rose, whose birthday I celebrate. Whose life has left a lasting legacy and impression on my own. As I reflected on today’s scripture and God’s words to Abraham, I realized how important the role of my mother has played in passing on the legacy of faith. I have been blessed by the faith of my mother.
* It was my mother who insisted that we attend Catholic school growing up. This decision alone laid the foundation and direction of my life. The infancy of my faith was fostered in the halls of Christ the King and later O’Gorman high school. My mother worked for many years at O’Gorman, so her four sons could enjoy the benefits of a faith based education. Three out of my four children are enjoying the same benefits of a faith based education today. Thank you, Mom.
* My Mom drug us to church every Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Easter, Christmas, Solemnity of Mary, or any other reason she could find to get us in front of Jesus. I didn’t always understand it, and I was often times bored out of my mind…but I too drag my kids to church. Thanks, Mom.
* It was my Mom who in faith (and this took a lot of it) approached her son and said, “Take my car, $50, and your best friend…drive 4 hours north to Aberdeen for the Search Retreat weekend.” Only to see her self centered little man return a new creation. I met Jesus that weekend…the same Jesus she drug me to see every Sunday. Oh, and I met my wife, Tina, too. Not a bad weekend. Thanks, Mom.
* Mom, I honor you today for all that you are, the faith you instilled in your boys, the love you have shown your family, and the legacy of faith that lives on in me and your grandchildren. Thanks, Mom. I love you…Happy Birthday.

* Mom, I dedicate this song to you…Let Me Live by Randy Albright (LIFE Group member).
* Today’s image ( is by Nellie Edwards (LIFE Group member).

Faith Challenge: Honor your parents today and the legacy they have instilled in you – not only does God command it, but it’s the only commandment he promises good things for those that do! What legacy will you leave behind for your family?

St. Francelle’s Devotion: God’s Will Be Done…

Counter-Culture News: 40 Days for Life (ends 31 Oct), LSN, Vatican, AFA, Priests for Life, Live Action.

Our Prayers: Prayer to end abortion. Peters family (JP), Rich Reich (cousin Tom cancer), Leslee Unruh (grandbaby Pierce recovering from brain surgery & pneumonia), Rob Rysavy (AF Academy roommate Nick having back surgery), Beth Hughes (nephew died in swimming accident), Carol Nesbitt (special intention), Carolyn McKissack (daughter’s health)
* The Novena (9 day prayer) to St. Gerard Majella begins today. It concludes on his feast day, Oct 16. My mother was told she could not conceive a baby as a young women. A priest counseled her to ask St. Gerard for his prayers that she would conceive. Her prayers were answered 4-fold – her boys Joe, Dan, Pat and myself are living testimony to this truth!

Feast Day: Saint John Leonardi “I am only one person! Why should I do anything? What good would it do?” Today, as in any age, people seem plagued with the dilemma of getting involved. In his own way John Leonardi answered these questions. He chose to become a priest.

Faith Quote: “Coincidence? I think not!” ~ Kathy Castle

Through Christ our Lord,
Romans 12:2


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