Giving God Thanks (Ps 89:1) by Kevin McNicholas

30 Apr Giving God Thanks (Ps 89:1) by Kevin McNicholas

Give thanks
“Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord.” 
~ Ps 89:1 (full readings)
Kevin’s Reflections:  Why don’t I do this more? What is preventing me from always giving God thanks, rather than giving in to the temptation to think more about what is missing in my life? There is no possession that I lack, we have a home and jobs, a great married life, and our children are healthy and happy. What in this world is preventing me from forever singing the goodness of the Lord? Nothing! God is at the center of every human being, and as Pope Benedict tells us, that is where Heaven begins. The more I recognize His presence in my life, the more I recognize how blessed I am, and from there I can praise Him. All of us have a very human capacity to look for what is missing, rather than see what we have. Think of a photo frame on a wall. It becomes part of the wall; you may not notice it every time you walk by because it has always been there. The photograph is a treasure, and very familiar. So it is with God: He is part of us, He has always been there. We need only to say a prayer to realize that His Presence is there, leading us closer to Him, giving us the opportunity to do His work everyday! Today I am going to pray for the grace to see God in everything I do, especially in the things that I don’t enjoy and the people I find it hard to deal with.
* Kevin is a School Social Worker in Southern Illinois. He and his wife Laura have been blessed with two living miracles: a 2 1/2 year old daughter named Elliana (“the Lord Answers”) and a 1 year old son named Jeremiah (“God is Exalted”). They have also been blessed during the 9 years of their marriage to be able to visit Catholic pilgrimage sites worldwide, as well as to serve their Parish and community..

Faith Challenge:   Pray today for the opportunity to see God in the everyday people, places, and things that occupy our lives. He is there, waiting for us!

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Our Prayers: Pray LIFE Runners Creed to End Abortion.  Add Prayers. Pray with meals, bedtime, wake up, unceasingly. Consider mid-week Family Rosary (17 min). Let’s pray now.
Feast Day:  Saint Pius V, Pope
Faith Quote: 
 “I am the Immaculate Conception.” ~ The Holy Mother to St. Bernadette at Lourdes

Through Christ our Lord,
Kevin McNicholas
Lk 1:37

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