If God is for Us (Rom 8:31) by Stephanie Kemp

25 Oct If God is for Us (Rom 8:31) by Stephanie Kemp

god-is-for-us-bulletin-coverIf God is for us, who can be against us? Rom 8:31
Reflection:  Over the last 34 years of my own pro-life commitment, I have been reminded over and over of this when I question.  Is what I’m doing really making any difference?  Why not just toss in the towel now?  Am I just spinning my wheels?  No one is listening!  And then I remember it’s not about me.  The Master of the Universe and the Author of Life holds all things in His Hands.  We just have to be His pencil as St. Mother Teresa advised.  Look at what God has given us!  He spared nothing.  He has given us everything, including the gift of Himself.  Do we, who work in the Pro-Life movement, really believe there will be an end to abortion – maybe not in our lifetime, but someday?  Are we willing to devote our time, talent and treasure to the cause of protecting all human life even when we don’t see the results?  Are we willing to enter God’s will and trust that the smallest thing we do each day makes a difference in the grand scheme of things?  In Jesus, we find the courage and perseverance to meet each new day despite our fears and our setbacks; we find the compassion to reach out to those who are in need and those who are hurting from abortion decisions they can never take back; and we find mercy and forgiveness because “there, but for the grace of God, go I.”  Be of Good Cheer – nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.
Challenge:  Reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and the role we play in continuing the mission of Jesus in establishing His Kingdom – one heart at a time.  Maybe we can’t affect change on a national level, in our state or in our city, but how about in our neighborhood, in our church, in our family… and most especially in our own heart.
Pray LIFE Runners Creed to end abortion.  Add Prayers.
* Prayer For Faith in the Pro-Live Movement by Mary Ortwein:  “Lord, give me faith… faith in the Pro-Life cause.  Let me believe this is the most important issue of our time.  Let me believe that with Your help we will succeed.  Let me remember that faith can move even the mountains of legislative intrigue, unjust courts and the growing selfishness of American society.  Give me faith in myself.  Let me believe that even my small efforts to save Your children are important.  Help me to never apologize for my convictions, but rather to be happy to share with others my belief in the sanctity of all human life.  Give me faith in you.  You are the Author of all life.  You know and love every human being.  How You must weep for Your children who die and for Your children who kill them.  Help me to believe the power of Your grace will eventually triumph over every obstacle.  Amen.”
Inspiration:  “My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” ~ President Abraham Lincoln
All In Christ for Pro-Life,
* Stephanie Kemp is the Respect Life Coordinator for St. Peter parish in Monument, CO.


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