Give Life (Mt 20:28)

19 Jul Give Life (Mt 20:28)

give-lifeThe Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many. ~ Mt 20:28 

Reflection:  When the mother of James and John asked that Jesus sit them at his left and right sides in his Kingdom, he told her that she did not know what she was asking.   He gathered all the apostles together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and the great ones make their authority over them felt. But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave. Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mt 20:25-28).  Rulers of earthly kingdoms make their authority felt in many ways.  In our day, rulers have used their authority to ensure that human lives may be lawfully crushed even before they are born.  Christ’s Kingdom, however, is unlike the kingdoms of earth.  Christ would drink the painful “chalice” of his suffering on the cross to defeat sin and death, making everlasting life possible for us.
Challenge:  Are we willing to take at least some small sip from Christ’s chalice?  Just a few drops?  Are we willing to bear the afflictions and persecutions that St. Paul wrote about in the first reading, by defending and serving the least and the weakest among us?   Can we give at least some small part our lives in the service of unborn life?   If so, we can attain some measure of that greatness of soul that the King who ransomed his life for us would like us to share and enjoy.
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Inspiration: “There is one and only one possible road to joy:  selfless love.” ~ Peter Kreeft

All In Christ for Pro-Life!


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