USATF Certified Gear

We have jerseys, shorts, warm up gear, etc.!


As our LIFE Runners team continues to grow we know there will be opportunity for changes. See below for time guidelines. If you meet any of these and would like to inquire further you can “Contact Us” As mentioned we supply gear (jersey, shorts, t-shirt… samples above as well as on our gear site). When contacting us please include your current running goals, personal bio, running history, PBs, results of any races over the last 12 months. Elite chapter members are expected to compete for the LIFE Runners in at least local and regional races in concert with each athlete’s individual goals. As this chapter grows we see adding various sanctioned USATF events as well. All athletes are expected to obtain a USATF membership, renew it annually, and wear a LIFE Runners team jersey in each event they race in.

Please consider donating to LIFE Runners today!