High-Five Challenge for 2019 finish! 👊✋☝💙

19 Dec High-Five Challenge for 2019 finish! 👊✋☝💙


God, Life, Team!  Team photos with updates below.  Our ministry matters, wear your witness, lives are counting on us.  First Wednesday impact, “Met LIFE Runners at a supermarket and joined.”

LIFE Runners doubled in two years, now 13,930 teammates in 2,517 cities around the world, All In Christ!  To impact more hearts and minds for saving lives, will you give a High-Five for our “REMEMBER The Unborn” messaging ministry?

High-Five Challenge!  257 teammates have supported LIFE Runners, so we can operate the largest Pro-Life team in the world.  Will you give just $5 to help end abortion?  Your $5 will go towards a $25,000 matching gift before Dec 31st closing.  College students Paige and Jo each gave 100 High-Fives ($500).  Since Dec 3rd (Giving Tues) we have raised $14,075 – over half way there!  You will receive a 2020 A-Cross America Relay shirt, if you give $10 or more reoccurring monthly donation (2 High-Fives per month).  Give your High-$5 for Life here.

Thank You for supporting God’s teamwork as we strive to cross the finish line that ends abortion, forward in faith we go!  Heb 12:1-2

LIFE Runners in the News!  see all.
* EWTN News Nightly (18 Dec 2020):  Mom runs marathon wearing pro-life message.
* Spirit Mornings Radio, Omaha NE (16 Dec 2020):  LIFE Runners world record.
* Catholic Times, Diocese of Springfield IL (8 Dec 2019):  Bishop Paprocki standing up for life in Tulsa.
* Omaha World-Herald, NE (7 Dec 2019):  Omaha man paces woman pushing stroller to world record.
* LifeSiteNews (5 Dec 2019):  Pro-life mom beats world record for fastest half-marathon while pushing baby stroller.
* Good Morning America (2 Dec 2019):  Mom sets likely world record pushing baby stroller.
* Abortion Hurts God Heals podcast (1 Dec 2019):  Certificate of Life.
* Ready to Stand Radio, NE (30 Nov 2019):  The Thanksgiving Show.
* Fox News (27 Nov 2019):  Guinness Book of World Records half marathon time bested by mom.
Click to see TEAM SUPPORTERS – All In Christ!
See over 2,000 devotions by LIFE Runners.  Listen to devotions as a Pro-Life Minute.   Prayer Wall.
Winter gear and ministry accessories for March/Walk for Life at liferunners.org/gear.
*** LIFE Runners will have a booth at the DC March for Life, Chicago March for Life, Midwest March for Life, and West Coast Walk for Life.  Join us!
*** Dr. Pat is speaking at the Chicago March for Life, San Antonio Rally for Life, South Dakota Walk for Life, and the West Coast Walk for Life.  
LIFE Runners Banquet!  Feb 20th, Omaha NE.  Speaker is Archbishop Naumann who leads the USCCB Pro-Life committee.  Details and Tickets Here
Africa Mission for Pro-Life!  Limited to 10.  Details.  
* EWTN ACI-Africa (5 Nov 2019):  advancing abortion agenda in Africa.


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