Passover Supper (Ex 12:14) by Diane Overmann

17 Apr Passover Supper (Ex 12:14) by Diane Overmann

This day shall be a memorial feast for you, which all your generations shall celebrate with pilgrimage to the LORD, as a perpetual institution. ~ Ex 12:14
Reflection: Every act of love proceeds from the Pascal mystery and brings the Kingdom more present in our world.  At the Last Supper, the Passover meal, Jesus reminds us of the time when God freed His people from slavery.  Now we have modern slavery:  media, consumerism, and the culture of death.  In the garden, Jesus asked His friends to watch with Him for one hour.  Let’s recommit ourselves to watch with Him for one hour each week at abortion facilities.  What does Jesus see as He stands outside an abortion facility?  Does He only want to save the mother and child?
* Photo is Angi Castle praying for an end to abortion by the rock where Christ was placed after coming down from the Cross.  Jerusalem, 2019.
Challenge: Will I hunger with Jesus to feed both the child vulnerable to abortion and the mother who is a slave of her fears?
Pray to end abortion (Creed).  Witness with “REMEMBER The Unborn” gear (Order).  Give jerseys to Students and Missions (once or monthly).  Thank You!
Inspiration: “Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?’  He said to him, ‘Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.’  He said to him, ‘Feed my lambs.'” ~ John 21:15
All In Christ,

* Diane Overmann served in the Diocese of Belleville, IL.

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