Ignoring God’s invite? (Mt 22:3-4) by Beth Bubik

26 Oct Ignoring God’s invite? (Mt 22:3-4) by Beth Bubik

banquet-the-invitation-posters1Tell those invited: “Behold, I have prepared my banquet, my calves and fattened cattle are killed, and everything is ready; come to the feast.” Some ignored the invitation and went away, one to his farm, another to his business. ~ Mt 22:3-4
Reflection: The world is so busy. The Lord invites us time after time to the “feast.” Sometimes, my mind is so filled with a list of “to-do” items that I barely hear Christ’s invitation. He asks me every day to come to the feast. I know this because when I take the time to still myself in prayer—I hear him—his gentle invitation. I pray now to hear him more often and to respond ,”Yes, Lord, I will come.” It is only through that response that I can pray and sacrifice for the conversion of others. The Lord needs us to help others to the feast—even those who kill his servants. One such person would be our local abortionist. I pray for him. I want him to go to heaven, because that is what Christ wants. It is never too late. I often carry him in my heart to the Eucharistic feast at Mass. May he feel Christ’s grace and mercy today through me and turn his heart toward God.
Challenge: Invite someone to the “feast.” It may be through prayer, words or even actions. Ask Jesus what He wants the invitation to be. When He answers, agree to try it, but surrender it to Him—don’t be afraid. It is His invitation. Let’s pray that we can save many tiny hearts by the conversion of big ones. Jesus, I trust in you.
Pray LIFE Runners Creed to end abortion.
Inspiration:The dignity of life is linked not only to its beginning, to the fact that it comes from God, but also to its final end, to its destiny of fellowship with God in knowledge and love of Him.” ~ St. Ireneus
All In Christ for Pro-Life,
* Beth Bubik was the Life Initiatives Program Coordinator for the Alumni Association of the University of Notre Dame. Beth and Mike have been married for 26 years and have three children.

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