It’s time! Complete Relay legs anywhere

12 Feb It’s time! Complete Relay legs anywhere

Every year we look forward to the epic A-Cross America Relay for Pro-Life!  This Relay is like none other as it crosses America from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge from Texas to North Dakota, for 40 days, impacting so many hearts and minds for saving lives.  It is a massive team effort to cover the 5,545 miles broken down into 1,589 legs of about 5K each.  If you can’t make it to the course, you can run or walk Relay legs remotely in your area, wearing your LIFE Runners jersey, anytime between Ash Wednesday kickoff (Mar 1st) and Palm Sunday finish (Apr 9th).  The Relay is a time of powerful awareness as we cover our nation with our bold blue message of hope – “REMEMBER the Unborn, Jer 1:5” – as we run and walk as a prayer to end abortion.  Pray the LIFE Runners Creed before and after you complete your Relay legs.  Check our LIFE Runners Prayer Wall for prayer requests to carry with you during your Relay legs.  Register today for your redemptive running and walking 5K legs of the Relay at

During the 40 day Relay, how many 5K legs are you able to run or walk?  Fiji LIFE Runner, Karen Patnaude, has prayerfully decided to pledge to run 314 miles during the Relay.  This is the distance around the Island of Viti Levu where over 300 LIFE Runners have joined our team.  These remote miles will help fill the gap where 5K legs might otherwise go uncovered.  Last year the Fiji LIFE Runners covered nearly every mile of Utah remotely as they ran the miles in solidarity with those running in America.  This year they will again take on unfilled miles to take part in this epic A-Cross America Relay for Pro-Life!

2016 Relay:  PressPhotosVideo.  Covered all 5,564 miles of the four arms.

With just three weeks until the kick off of the 2017 Relay, we have filled 12% of the 5K legs.  Let God prepare you to run and not grow weary, to walk and not grow faint.  Register for Relay legs today at, All In Christ for Pro-Life!


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