John 16:12 (re-evangelization)

30 Apr John 16:12 (re-evangelization)

* Welcome God every morning before work by taking ~5 min to read this Living In Faith Exchange (LIFE) Group devotion (, which has snippets from Living Faith (

I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. John 16:12

Living Faith snippets: “Jesus indicates there is much the disciples still need to hear and understand, but they are not ready for it. Jesus then assures them that when the Spirit comes, they will be able to receive the Truth needed to change their lives. This Truth comes after the disciples enter into the suffering and death of Jesus. We yearn to know the mysteries of God and our personal journeys, but the deep meaning of our life experience is often revealed only after we have suffered through the tough times [realizing our total dependency on God]. Spirit of God, help me to open to your Truth and to be patient while my heart is readied to receive it.” by Sr. Joyce Rupp

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* Sr. Francelle: She is out of the hospital and back online! May God bless us with many more years connected with His wonderful gift of Sr. Francelle :).

* Mark and Chad snippets: At, Chad Livingston shared, “May we take joy in knowing our redeemer lives. “For I know that my Redeemer lives” (Job 19:25).” Last night, Mark Foster presented the Nicene Creed and shared this verse: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse” (Rom 1:20). These verses reminded me of the song “Redeemer” by Nicole Mullins. Here are a few snippets: “Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning? And who told the ocean you can only come this far? And who showed the moon where to hide till evening? Well I know my Redeemer lives. All of creation testifies. This life within me cries. I know my Redeemer lives. The very same God that spins things in orbit. Runs to the weary, the worn and the weak. And the same gentle hands that hold me when I’m broken. They conquered death to bring me victory. Now I know, my Redeemer lives…He lives to take away my shame. And He lives forever I’ll proclaim that the payment for my sins was the precious life He gave. And now He’s alive and there’s an empty grave! And I know my Redeemer lives. Because He lives I can face tomorrow. He lives…I spoke with Him this morning! He Lives! I’m going to tell everybody!”

* Re-evangelization: The last couple weeks we have shared about how Secularization and Science are purging God from the vocabulary of Western culture. God is with our every breath and every step regardless if we choose to acknowledge Him (footprints in the sand). Secularization and Science are embraced like religions by some…treating them like golden calves that come before God (First Commandment). The founding fathers of American did not intend to separate faith from culture and government (happening with Secularization)…but prevent a government run church, like Church of England. We are called by Christ to be ‘aliens’ in this world (1 Peter 2:11). Are we? Like the disciples in the Bible, do we have a real relationship with Christ? Sometimes I use the word “disciple” instead of Christian to differentiate from social Christians (participating for entertainment not for Christ)…like James using “faith” (believing in Christ) and “saving faith” (believing and following Christ). We need to commit to a re-evangelization of ourselves and our Western culture to uncover God in the areas where Secularization and Science have covered Him…making “straight the way for the Lord” (John 1:23). I have plenty of room for re-evangelizing myself (growing closer to Christ)…if Christ was a mirror, the closer I get to the mirror, the more I realize my imperfections (sin). Let’s start this re-evangelization by challenging ourselves (love, service, prayer, etc)…and by inviting friends, family, and co-workers to join the LIFE Devotions group (if they agree, I will gladly add their email to the distribution list). Let’s pray for the courage to do this…to open ourselves to God’s gift of the Holy Spirit who strengthens us for making faith-based decisions (humility, love, obedience) that will cause (in us, our loved ones, and our enemies) a greater conversion (metanoia) to the will of God the Father (Truth) through Christ the Son (Phil 4:13)…Amen!
* National ProLife Prayer (7 AM MST, Sat, 3 May): “A Million Rosaries” is a project uniting Christians across the country in prayer for an end to abortion…please tell others. In Colorado Springs, the Rosary at Planned Parenthood this Saturday will begin at 7 AM instead of 8:15. For more info:

Feast Day: St. Pius V

Through Christ for ProLife,
Phil 4:13

* Today’s Bible readings at
* Prayer: If you have a prayer request, simply send it to our distribution list at Prayer connects us with God’s will & His miracles, thereby changing us & helping others (so let’s pray daily!). Wayne Watson lyrics, “When God’s people pray, there is hope reborn, there is sin forgiven, and miracles you can’t explain await!” “If you pray that God will move a mountain and He doesn’t, assume Christ wants you to climb it instead & see Him.”
* Defend the unborn: ProLife websites at ‘Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die’ (Prov 24:11). ‘Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you’ (Jer 1:5). ‘It is a great poverty that a child must die that you might live as you wish’ Blessed Mother Teresa. Click for Prayer to End Abortion.
* Share the Good News: Let’s joyfully live out the Good News and gladly tell others about it (Mark 16:15)! Let’s make time to share with unbelievers…and to re-evangelize ourselves and our Western culture.

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