Behold your son (John 19:26)

06 Apr Behold your son (John 19:26)

Welcome God now with this LIFE Group Devotion (FB), provided by LIFE Runners (FB). Leaders. Guest Authors. LIFE Minute radio.

When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son.”~ John 19:26 (full readings)

Rosemary’s Reflections: I look forward to celebrating Good Friday every Lent because it is the day filled with so many examples of love, the greatest being Our Lord sacrificing Himself for our sins. Another is when Jesus offers His mother, Mary to the disciple John, who in a sense represents us. What a strong woman! Not only is she standing at the foot of the cross watching her Son suffer and die, but she also takes on the role of mom for us all. Mary has become our Blessed Mother, adopting us as her own. Being a mom is not easy, nor is watching your own child suffer. Yet we see women going into abortion clinics to end the lives of their children, some even using the reason of “easing the pain” for their children if they are diagnosed with a disease. Did Mary pierce her Son with a lance to end His suffering? No, she gave him the dignity to live until His last breath. While we never want to watch our loved ones in pain, it is not our decision to end someone’s life. All life is a gift to behold.

Faith Challenge: Many women have forsaken their children to Planned Parenthood for a variety of reasons. Some are pressured by boyfriends and parents. Some believe they cannot raise a child on their own. Some believe they are showing their child mercy. Yet Mary has witnessed the pain of being young and pregnant, and later watching her Son die. Let us bring these women to the foot of the cross to be strengthened by Our Blessed Mother. Pray for all mothers and mothers-to-be and thank your mom for choosing life!

Counter-Culture News: LifeSiteNews, Priests for Life, Vatican, Project Rachel.

Our Prayers: Prayer to end abortion. LIFE Runners Creed. Add Prayers. Pray with meals, bedtime, wake up, etc. Consider mid-week Family Rosary (17 min). Let’s pray now.

Feast Day: St. Crescentia Hoess.

Faith Quote: “God had one son on earth without sin, but never one without suffering.”~ St. Augustine
Through Christ Our Lord,

* Pray/Fast: Prayer connects us with God’s will & His miracles, changing us & helping others. Fast from things that take your eyes off Jesus. Those who pray together stay together, and close to God!
* Save Unborn (& family): Abortion reality (images)…#1 death cause (22% pregnancies). Prov 24:11 & Jer 1:5. “A great poverty that a child must die that you might live as you wish.” Mother Teresa.
* Evangelize: Make room for unbelievers & re-evangelization of self, by way of prayer (relationship) and following Christ’s example of love (service/spassage/?searchacrifice/mercy). Mt 28:19.

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