now moving A-Cross America!

15 Jul now moving A-Cross America!


YOU are needed to put a “cross over America”, please adopt a 5K of the Relay, walk or run in your local area to save lives!  3,419 miles remaining, see yellow progress dots below. 
* Promo code HIGH5 for discount.  Students register for free with LIFER22.  One registration, unlimited 5K legs.

Awesome updates and devotion below!  
* Relevant Radio (July 6th):  listen.
* Jim and Joy, EWTN (July 4th):  listen at 16:30.
* Catholic Connection (June 30th):  listen.
* See All media, updates, speaking.    

(Until Aug 7th) Join the largest spanning Pro-Life event covering 5,359 miles (12 million steps).  Register to walk or run 5K legs on the Relay course or from anywhere in the world!  
(July 8th) Mary’s Pro-Life Bootcamp in Kentucky.  Dr. Pat encouraged students to be heroically Pro-Life!
Pro-Life is Pro-sciencePart 2.  Hope, Healing, & Heroic Virtue.
(July 4th) Turkish LIFE Runner Zek biked to Kiruna, the northern most city of Sweden. 
(July 4th) We launched the Relay at the Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, San Antonio, Grand Forks.  We the People defend freedom for all, born and unborn.  “God who gave us life, gave us liberty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson 
(June 21st) New billboard in Aiken, South Carolina – praise God!
* Would you like to place a billboard in your city?  Let us know!
(June 21st) Niceville FL teammates participated in Hunger Run.
(June 18th) Witness in your local parades! Broadcasted in downtown Papillion NE: “LIFE Runners promote the dignity of all human life from conception to eternity!”
(June 4th) Singapore chapter celebrated 10 years of witness!  
“REMEMBER The Unborn” Geardid you see the new Coolie?! 
(Dec 2-3) National Race Retreat!  St. Jude Memphis with half/full, 5K/10K, kids run.  Register Now.  
Get your LIFE Runners Daily Devotions book.

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