Exorcism, Relay halfway, Indi virtual, Elite launch!

23 Jul Exorcism, Relay halfway, Indi virtual, Elite launch!



HIGH FIVE Challenge!  Invite 5 people to walk or run a 5K leg of the A-Cross America Relay, anytime and anywhere before Aug 9th finish line.  REGISTER NOW.   Join the awesome Relay finish line events in Kansas City.
Wear your “REMEMBER The Unborn” jersey as a public witness in unity with our 15,000 teammates in 2,553 cities across 39 nations, impacting hearts and minds for saving lives!  Pray LIFE Runners Creed to end abortion now.   

18 days to go (yellow dots) – let’s get 100% filled!  
We are 57% registered on the East arm, 75% North arm, 71% South arm, 67% West arm.   Register Now.  Cheers!

Face Mask for public witness! Order Here.  

(VIRTUAL) 2020 Indianapolis Half/Full Marathon & 5K  
Complete virtually in your own area on Nov 6th-7th, post photos, witness!(SCHEDULED) 2021 Indianapolis Half/Full Marathon & 5K
Nov 5th-6th.  Details at liferunners.org/races 

Exorcism and Benediction at Carhart’s abortion facility!

Ablaze music and adoration at Carhart’s abortion facility. Just before the start, we encouraged a mother to leave the abortion facility and helped her schedule an appointment with a real clinic (Sancta Familia). Fr. Michael led 75 LIFE Runners in Benediction, Litany of the Saints, and Exorcism over abortion facility. Facility was closed the next two days. All In Christ for Pro-Life!
* Video: facebook.com/FrMichaelVoithofer/videos/1906482622815447

LifeSiteNews (22 Jul 2020):  Abortion appointments stop after priest makes Sign of the Cross with Blessed Sacrament over killing center.
Dr. Pat Castle, founder of LIFE Runners, told LifeSiteNews that their goal is to “end abortion now.” Castle explained that the fight to end abortion is a “spiritual war.” “We did a holy battle there,” he continued, “to push back the demonic, to claim that space in the Lord’s name. Abortion is the greatest WMD, weapon of mass destruction,” Castle said. “It is the leading cause of death on the planet.” He said that the Holy Eucharist, “the most powerful spiritual weapon,” was used to fight abortion during the July 16 rally. “The ground is blessed now so the mothers that go into the facility will be walking on blessed ground in their moment of crisis,” he continued. Castle encouraged pro-lifers to go to abortion centers to fight with the weapon of prayer. “We know that is often enough for a mom to not turn in to that abortion facility.”

Pack your lunch or drinks in this cooler to promote life!
Find this and other great team gear at  liferunners.org/gear.  
Elite Chapter!  requirements  
LIFE Runners have world records for the youngest female to race a half marathon (Keelan Glass age 6) and fastest half marathon pushing a baby stroller (Julia Webb).  

Divine appointment at Carhart’s abortion facility.

* Pat: “Good morning, I’m Pat Castle, what’s your name?”
* Escort: “I know who you are. I listen to you on Spirit Radio. I’m Catholic.”
* Pat: “Great, thank you. I’ll introduce you to Fr. Mark.”
* Fr. Mark: “Good morning, why do you work here?”
* Escort: “You all are just here for the big show.”
* Fr. Mark: “You are right, evangelization is the big show. We are here to provide loving service.”

Fr. Mark had a compassionate truth-filled conversation with the escort. The escort heard Pat’s radio devotions.

Love heals!  Pat was flipped off and yelled at by an employee at gas station across from Carhart’s abortion facility. 

* Pat: “Good morning, I’m Pat Castle. Did you confuse me for someone else?”
* Her: “I’m so sorry. My coworker just said that you are a good customer. This is my first day.”
* Pat: “I forgive you. Did an abortion facility hurt you?”

* Her: Crying and looking down, “yes.”
* Pat: Leaning to meet her eyes, “I’m so sorry we weren’t there for you. Here is info on healing help and my contact info. An advocate asked me to give you this rose, representing God’s love for healing.”
* Her: She accepted the info, “thank you. I didn’t know your group provided healing.”
* Pat: “God provides healing, ask Him. We all need it. Come over anytime and visit with us.”

See over 2,000 devotions by LIFE Runners.  Listen to devotions as a Pro-Life Minute.   Prayer Wall.


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